Resident Evil Village: Where to Find All Four Angel Masks and Solve the Hall of the Four Puzzle Guide 1

Where are the four Angel Masks in Resident Evil Village? How do you solve the Hall of the Four puzzle in Resident Evil Village? On this page, we're going to reveal where to find all four Angel Masks and solve the Hall of the Four puzzle. This is the game's first proper puzzle, requiring you to fully explore Castle Dimitrescu in order to progress the story. You may need some help getting started or figuring out where to go next as a result.

This is part of our Resident Evil Village guide, which contains much more help and information, including: Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Courtyard Key, Resident Evil Village: How to Get Dimitrescu's Key, Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Iron Insignia Key.

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Resident Evil Village: Where to Find All Four Angel Masks and Solve the Hall of the Four Puzzle

The Hall of the Four puzzle starts shortly after being captured by Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters. Once you have escaped, you'll return to the Hall of the Four to find four statues that have protruded from the floor. Each one requires an Angel Mask in order to unlock the door, which bears the message: "Mask the angels' blinded gaze and only then will you be saved." As such, we need to find the four items in question and fit them onto the corresponding statue.

Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Mask of Sorrow

Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Mask of Sorrow Guide 2

From the Hall of the Four, head east into the Main Hall and then immediately go up the staircase. Turn right and follow the path around until you encounter a door with a face on it, named the Prioress Door. Use the Maroon Eye to unlock it. You will then be attacked by one of Lady Dimitrescu's daughters, so follow the newly unlocked path around until you enter the Dressing Room. In the back corner of this room will be a hidden path you can take — rip off the wood covering the entrance and head on through. Follow the path for a second or two and you'll then fall through a hole, plummeting down a couple of floors.

Follow the linear path in front of you and then crouch down to progress through the tunnel on your left. Lady Dimitrescu will be in the next room, but she departs before spotting you. Continue down the path until you come across what appears to be a dead-end with a burning chandelier in the centre. You need to shoot it in order to light the wood on either side of the room, so line up your shots correctly and a new path will open up once successful. The next section through a jail is very linear and contains basic enemies and items, so let's reconvene once one of Lady Dimitrecu's daughter has attacked you after ripping a piece of wood off the doorway blocking your path.

This is the first boss fight in the game, and tasks you with taking down the first of Lady Dimitrescu's three daughters. She's weak to light, so position yourself so that your shots land whilst she's standing in front of the open window. After dealing enough damage, she will freeze and explode.

Now walk through to the kitchen and grab the Sanguis Virginis from the large bowl of blood. Follow the path ahead of you into the Dining Room, which after unlocking the door to your right in there, wraps back around to the Main Hall. Head back upstairs and into the Wine Room where you can place the Sanguis Virginis on a pedestal and unlock a new room. In here will be the Courtyard Key. Go back to the Dining Room on the first floor and use the Courtyard Key to unlock the door there and head outside. In the bottom right corner of the Courtyard is a set of double doors you can enter, so head on through there after picking up the items in the immediate vicinity.

You'll catch a glimpse of Lady Dimitrescu's legs as she heads upstairs once you enter, so let's follow her. Continuing down the linear path eventually leads you to the Hall of Ablution, which contains a puzzle. From here, we recommend you read our Resident Evil Village: How to Solve the Hall of Ablution Puzzle guide for more information.

Once you have solved the puzzle and emptied the pool, head down the staircase. You will eventually find yourself in a flooded storage area, complete with more enemies and items. The path will then wrap around until you come across an elevator. Take it up and you'll be on a balcony, which leads to a cutscene featuring Lady Dimitrescu. Head inside the room and take Dimitrescu's Key.

Use the Dimitrescu Key on the only door in the room and Lady Dimitrescu will re-enter and push you through the floor (she's that powerful!). In order to avoid spoilers for the next section, interact with the level you eventually come across in the Dungeon. When Lady Dimitrescu appears once more, avoid her and return to the level to pick back up what was left behind. You'll then need to wait it out until the gate opens. Follow that next path along and down a flight of stairs until you come across a large statue. The Mask of Sorrow will be placed at the centre of it.

Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Mask of Joy

Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Mask of Joy Guide 3

Now that you have Dimitrescu's Key, you can now unlock the other door in the Courtyard. Head there, but be warned, Lady Dimitrescu is now actively on the prowl and will attack you if she sees you. You end up next in the Opera Hall, where you must play the piano in the centre of the room. There's a specific tune the game wants you to play, but if you don't hit the right notes, it will help you find the right keys. Doing so successfully grants you the Iron Insignia Key.

Head back upstairs to use the Iron Insignia Key on the door you passed on, but be warned that Lady Dimitrescu will ambush you on your way. Once on the other side of that door, the second of Lady Dimitrescu's daughters will tempt you into a boss fight. The rule remains the same, however. She must be shot when standing in the light, so open up the skylight in the centre of the room by pulling the levers on the pillars. When enough damage has been dealt, the daughter will once again freeze and explode. Once she is defeated, head on through to the Hall of Joy and take the Mask of Joy from the large statue.

Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Mask of Rage

Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Mask of Rage Guide 4

The next room along is named Atelier, which houses another puzzle. We refer you to our Resident Evil Village: How to Solve Dimitrescu's Portrait Bell Puzzle guide for the solution. With that complete, head on through the newly discovered path, up the ladder, and into the Attic. The upcoming section takes place outside along the castle walls and is home to winged Lycans, so using the F2 Rifle at a distance will come in handy here.

The path here is completely linear so you can't get lost. When you reach the Belfry, take the zipline across to the fittingly named Tower of Rage. Directly in front of you will be the next statue housing the Mask of Rage.

Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Mask of Pleasure

Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Mask of Pleasure Guide 5

To get the final Angel Mask, head to the second floor of the Main Hall and use Dimitrescu's Key on the locked door leading to the Hall of Pleasure. The Mask of Pleasure will be directly in front of you on the large statue, but it was never going to be quite that easy. Grab it now nevertheless. A gate now blocks the exit, so crouch through the open fireplace and go into the Armory.

In here will be the final boss fight with the last of Lady Dimitrescu's daughters. Once again, you need to shed some light on the situation so move the furniture on the left-hand wall of the room to create an opening. Then, grab a Pipe Bomb off the table nearby and blow a hole in the wall. Then you need to once again deal damage to her while she's stood in the light. With enough dealt, she'll freeze and explode.

Next, grab the Mounted Animal Skull from above the fireplace in the Armory. Take this and place it in the slot on the statue where you originally found the Mask of Pleasure and the gate barring your exit will lift. You must first examine the Mounted Animal Skull and remove the piece of wood it was mounted on.

Now, all there's left to do in order to escape Castle Dimitrescu is to place the Angel Masks on the statues themselves in the Hall of the Four. In order from left to right, the correct sequence is:

  • The left-most statue is for the Mask of Sorrow
  • The centre-left statue is for the Mask of Pleasure
  • The centre-right statue is for the Mask of Joy
  • The right-most statue is for the Mask of Rage

Which Angel Mask were you missing? Check out our Resident Evil Village guide for a lot more help and information.