How do you get Dimitrescu's Key in Resident Evil Village? As you progress through Castle Dimitrescu, you will come across locked doors which require specific keys in order to be unlocked. They're required to progress through the game, so finding them is vital. In this Resident Evil Village guide, we're going to reveal how to get Dimitrescu's Key. You may also be interested in: Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Iron Insignia Key, Resident Evil Village: Where to Find All Four Angel Masks and Solve the Hall of the Four Puzzle.

Resident Evil Village: How to Get Dimitrescu's Key

Resident Evil Village: How to Get Dimitrescu's Key Guide 1

Obtaining Dimitrescu's Key is tied to story progression, with the opportunity to do so taking place not long after finding the Courtyard Key. Once you're in the Courtyard, take the double doors in the bottom right corner and head upstairs until you come to the Hall of Ablution. This contains a puzzle, so we strongly recommend you check out our Resident Evil Village: How to Solve the Hall of Ablution Puzzle guide for the solution.

With that solved, head down the newly revealed staircase. A flooded storage area and a number of enemies will be on hand to greet you down there, so take them down and push forward until you find an elevator. Ride it up and you'll be on a balcony outside. Follow the path around and a cutscene featuring Lady Dimitrescu will trigger. Enter the room she was just in and Dimitrescu's Key will be on hanging on a hook on the wall. Just prepare yourself for what comes next.

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