Resident Evil Village: All Padlock Combinations Guide 1

What are all padlock combinations in Resident Evil Village? How do you find every code? While there aren't anywhere near as many as previous games in the series, Resident Evil Village still requires a few padlock combinations in order to access special items. In this Resident Evil Village guide, we're going to reveal all padlock combinations.

Resident Evil Village: All Padlock Combinations

Padlocks in Resident Evil Village always require a sequence of six numbers in order to be unlocked. These digits can always be found in the environment nearby, but we're going to help you skip that step and list the padlock codes you need below. We've divided each section into an easy to follow guide, detailing where the padlock is located on the map and the combination you need.

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Padlock Code #1: The Village - Workshop

When you're able to access the Workshop area upon returning to The Village for the first time, a quick environmental puzzle stops you from immediately accessing the contents of a metal cabinet. A nearby picture tells you to "look out the window", which is how you'll find the padlock combination. By lining up the digits outside with the two on the broken window frame, you'll be given the code: 070408.

Padlock Code #2: House Beneviento - Doll Workshop

This next padlock is part of the Doll Workshop puzzle in House Beneviento (See Also: Resident Evil Village: How to Solve the Doll Workshop Mannequin Puzzle), with the code found on the underside of the Wedding Ring. To get it, you first need to clean the Blood Covered Ring in the sink that is inside the room accessed using the Silver Key. Then, when you examine the Wedding Ring, you'll find the padlock code is: 052911.

Padlock Code #3: The Village - Maestro's Collection

Once you've gained access to the house containing Maestro's Collection, a padlock will be blocking your path to the prize. A nearby note tells us: "I'll never forget her fifth birthday." Then, in the other room is a child's painting containing the date 27.09.17. This is the code for the padlock: 270917.

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