Do you need a Felons walkthrough for A Plague Tale: Requiem, including all collectibles? In this A Plague Tale: Requiem guide, we're going to reveal how to achieve 100% completion in Felons. There are 2 Souvenirs, 1 Feather, and 1 Secret Chest to find in Felons.

A Plague Tale: Requiem: Felons Walkthrough

A Plague Tale: Requiem: Felons Walkthrough 1
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Now Amicia has recovered from her head injury, her, Hugo, and Arnaud are trying to get a boat. Begin the chapter by chasing after Hugo, and then climbing down the cliff edge after the cutscene. When you reach the beach, you can claim Feather #1: Black Headed Gull.

Feather #1: Black Headed Gull

When you're on the beach, Hugo will ask Amicia if he can scare away all the seagulls sitting on a rock. Just after he does so, there will be a wooden hut on your left. Enter, go through the window on the left, and take the path up to the Feather on the ground.

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Return to the beach and interact with the rope tied to the beached boat. This will reveal the rats, but shoot the fish down next to the hut to create a distraction for them. You'll need to take control of them and lead them to the fish for this to work. With the way clear, crouch down and head underneath the rocky cliff.

More rats await inside, so first shoot an Ignifer Bolt into the wooden board just below you, and then light the brazier further along. To bridge the gap, use an Ignifer Pot and climb up. Go up to the top, grab a stick, and then jump back down and light it. Use the lit stick to follow the path to your right.

Next up is a big rat's nest, so pull on the rope to reveal a cart with a brazier in the centre. Light it and push it through the nest. Once you reach the end, shimmy along the wall to your left. Arnuad slips into the rat's nest and needs light fast, so shoot the brazier next to him.

Arnaud will throw you some yellow crystals which allow you to craft Odoris, which attracts rats to it. Shoot some on the ground out of the way of Arnaud so he can cross to the crank. Command Arnaud to use the crank, which reveals a wooden board to shoot an Orodis Bolt at. Then have Arnaud stop using the crank to create a safe path for him.

Once he joins you, Arnaud will suggest shooting an Ignifer Bolt at his shield in order to pass through the rest of the rat's nest. Do so, group up, and then move forward together.

Drop down onto the beach, use the Workbench if you have enough resources for upgrades, and then pick up Souvenir #1: The Survivor.

Souvenir #1: The Survivor

After making it through the rat's nest by attaching a flaming bolt to Arnaud's shield, you'll be on another beach. To your left will be part of a shipwreck with a Workbench at the centre. Just to the right is a rock you can climb and interact with the wreckage, granting you this Souvenir.

Push forward to the larger shipwreck further up the beach, and begin by shooting Orodis to the side to attract the rats, allowing you to cross to the light. Next, grab a stick and light it using the campfire, then head into the hull of the shipwreck. Pick up the torch inside, and beware of the enemies in the area up ahead. Climb up to the second level of the ship and start extinguishing the torches the enemies are carrying. This will give the rats something to feast on and make getting past easier.

Once you're ready, grab the torch from the bottom floor of the shipwreck again and take the path to your right, heading upwards. Deal with the guard up here, and then look to your right for the main path ahead. Shoot an Ignifer Bolt into the wooden board to create light, but you may need to throw down an Ignifer Pot too just to cross safely. When you're near the next shipwreck, it's time to find Secret Chest #1.

Secret Chest #1

Following Souvenir #1: The Survivor, you'll need to work your way through a large cave complex filled with rats and enemies. Once you've made it to the other side, there'll be a piece of wood you need to move to progress through the rock. Before you do that, look to your right to find a hole leading to another shipwreck. Here you'll find a Secret Chest.

Leave the shipwreck and move the wooden beam blocking the passage through the rock to progress. Walk through the water, climb the rocks, and enter the hideout. After the next cutscene, you'll be back on the beach. There are a lot of enemies between you and Sophia's boat, but you're now able to command Arnaud to attack enemies. He has no problem taking down guards if they're on their own, but if two gang up on him, he may die. Try to make sure he's always taking on enemies one by one.

Follow the beach around to the light in the distance, and use Hugo's abilities if any rats stand in your way. In order to progress, you'll eventually need to push a wooden beam to the side and squeeze through a crack in the rock. On the other side, look out for Souvenir #2: The First Men.

Souvenir #2: The First Men

After squeezing through a crack in the rock while you're on the beach heading for Sophia's boat, immediately turn around. There's a ledge you can climb up to, leading to a cave accessed through a crawlspace. Grab the torch inside and walk to the Souvenir on the back wall.

Go back outside and head for the village on your left. There are more enemies patrolling here, so deal with them either yourself or command Arnaud to. At the end of the area is a fully armoured enemy, so be sure to target their back to destroy all the armour first. A cutscene will trigger after entering the door he was guarding.

With Sophia by your side, get on the boat. Help Arnaud with the anchor, then head for the area to your right. To get rid of the rats, first shoot the fish hanging inside and then open the trapdoor by shooting the other lock. Use the crank at the end of the pier, and then shoot the chain with your Sling to release the anchor. Go back to the anchor, then hoist the main sail. It's not deploying correctly, so return to the pier on your right and shoot the chain with your Sling. The chapter will then end.

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