Do you need a Chamber of Reason walkthrough for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor? As part of our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide, we're covering all Jedi Chambers and providing a step-by-step guide to completing them. We shall cover puzzle solutions, combat strategies, and offer advice on how to tackle everything you'll encounter within each Jedi Chamber.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Chamber of Reason Walkthrough

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Chamber of Reason Walkthrough 1
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Below you'll find a complete Chamber of Reason walkthrough, covering where to find the Jedi Chamber and then how to complete it. Continue reading to discover how to finish this Jedi Chamber.

Where to Find the Chamber of Reason

You'll most likely hear about the Chamber of Reason before you actually see it. Whilst exploring the Basalt Rift, you'll find Toa. She gives you a Rumor to Explore the High Republic Chamber in the Forest. This is the Chamber of Reason. It'll now be marked on your map, but from her camp, exit out into the open air and then head up the slope where some rocks fall down onto enemies. Now look to your right at the top and you'll spot the entrance to the Chamber of Reason. To get across, you need to jump and then Pull the rope towards you. Then you can swing across and enter the Chamber of Reason.

Chamber of Reason Walkthrough

Upon entering the Chamber of Reason and taking the elevator down, use the rope to slide down to the main area. On your side of the big gap will be an Orb Coupler and a Switch, which moves the Orb Coupler when you use it with Pull. Begin by moving the Orb Coupler to the right with the Switch, then place an Orb in the Orb Coupler. This will create a bridge you can use to reach the other side, where you can Pull some debris away from the wall. In here will be another Orb inside an Orb Coupler, which you should Pull towards you and bring it back to the other side.

Once you're back where you started, use the Switch and the Orb Coupler will move back to the left, creating a bridge to a new area. Cross over, grab the Databank, and then take the lift up. Up here is another Databank, then take a look at what's ahead of you. Return to the starting area and grab your second Orb and place it in the Orb Coupler to form a new bridge. The bridge is a glitchy one that disappears, so make sure to wall run at the end of it. Over here, you'll find 3 Databanks and a Treasure.

When you've picked them all up, drop back down to where the glitching bridge is and use the Switch to move the Orb Coupler to form another, more stable bridge. As you're crossing, use Pull on the Orb below you and to the right — the one that formed the original bridge at the start of the puzzle. You can place this Orb in a new Orb Coupler at the end of the bridge you're on. Hit the Switch next to the lift to go up.

Up here, you can grab a Chest via some trickery, but the main objective requires you to grab the Orb up here with you and Push it over the gap to the other Orb Coupler. You can then grab the Essence, which completes the Chamber of Reason. Exit by using Push on the Switch on the wall and then using the elevator to get back to the surface.

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