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How do you locate the Snaxsquatch in Bugsnax? Where is the Snaxsquatch, and how can you scan it? As part of our Bugsnax guide, we're going to explain what the Snaxsquatch is, and how and where to find it. You'll need to find and scan the Snaxsquatch in order to earn the Candid Cryptid Trophy. For more on the game's Trophies, see our guide: Bugsnax: All Trophies and How to Get the Platinum.

Note: While efforts have been made to withhold spoilers, please be aware this page does contain some late game information you might want to discover yourself.

What Is the Snaxsquatch?

If you sneak a look at the Trophy list for Bugsnax, you'll see one named 'Candid Cryptid'. Its description instructs you to "Scan the Snaxsquatch". What is the Snaxsquatch? Well, it's a humanoid creature that you'll discover very late into the game. Read on for more.

Where Is the Snaxsquatch and How Do You Scan It?

The Snaxsquatch is actually present at several points in the game, usually hiding somewhere behind you. If you see an odd silhouette peeking out from a bush or behind a building, that's the Snaxsquatch. If you're quick, you can pull out your SnaxScope with R3 and take a picture. This is a very tricky way to scan the Snaxsquatch, though.

Here's the easiest method. Right near the end of the game, you'll enter an area called the Undersnax. This is the only point in the game you can find and scan the Snaxsquatch. As you follow the path along, you'll hear Filbo cry for help. Before you drop down the hole, look down and you should see Filbo and another figure. Whip out your SnaxScope with R3 and scan it. This is the Snaxsquatch!

If you accidentally drop down the hole before you take a picture, don't worry. You'll get another chance to do this a little further along, in a large room. The Snaxsquatch will be standing on the right-hand side.

Scanning the Snaxsquatch will earn you the silver Trophy Candid Cryptid.

Have you found the Snaxsquatch yet in Bugsnax? Tell us in the comments section below, and be sure to check out our full Bugsnax guide for loads more on the game.