Do you need a The Cradle of Centuries walkthrough for A Plague Tale: Requiem, including all collectibles? In this A Plague Tale: Requiem guide, we're going to reveal how to achieve 100% completion in The Cradle of Centuries. There are 2 Souvenirs, 1 Feather, and 1 Secret Chest to find in The Cradle of Centuries.

A Plague Tale: Requiem: The Cradle of Centuries Walkthrough

A Plague Tale: Requiem: The Cradle of Centuries Walkthrough 4
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The rats have now taken over La Cuna, and are threatening to take down the palace. Begin by using Sophia's Prism to refract the light coming off the lit braziers ahead, creating a safe path for you to use. Once you reach the point where the path shapes downwards and to your right, use the bail of hay to the left to cast some light. It's not the easiest to spot, but it's there. Sprint for the next brazier, and continue by lighting up the next one and refracting the light to progress. More rats will come out of the ground, killing some townsfolk to your left.

Next up is a cart, but instead of pushing it like usual, you need to pull it from an Anchor Point. To make sure it's safe, shoot an Ignifer Bolt at the wooden board behind it, and then use Sophia's Prism to refract the light it casts to reach the Anchor Point. Then use it on the cart to pull it forwards. The cart will move on its own until it crashes, so you need to stay with it or you'll be caught by the rats. Once it comes to a standstill, you can start pushing the cart to your left.

When you can push it no further, light the bail of hay to your left and use its light to reach the next brazier. You can refract the light from the next two braziers, and then climb back into the area with the map. Push the column down in the middle to reveal a path underground.

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Now you're underground, follow the huge cave network further down. Light the firepit you see to reveal the vast temple ahead of you. Push on and squeeze through the gap in the wall on the right, then drop down to find what appears to be a stuck gate. However, Sophia suggests using tankers as explosives. Blow the barrel up to open the gate. In the next room, make sure to grab Feather #1: European Goldfinch.

Feather #1: European Goldfinch

In the room after where you learn how to make barrels explode in the temple, look in the back-right corner for another barrel to destroy. Doing so will reveal a hole you can crawl through and the Feather of the European Goldfinch will be on the ground in front of you.

Return to the main room and crawl through the hole in the wall opposite, then climbing up to find a vantage point allowing you to target another tanker that can be blown up. Do so, go back to the main room, and go through the newly opened passage. At the end of the corridor is a cart trapped by a portcullis. Open it using the crank and the cart will gather speed and smash into the wall, revealing a path forward.

Next up is a puzzle involving multiple braziers and rats. First, though, there's a Souvenir to get.

Souvenir #1: The Chateau D'Ombrage

Once you reach the vast room with multiple braziers to push, take the one on the right as far as it can go, first pushing it forwards, then left, and then forward again. Throw an Ignifier Pot on the ground in front of you and drop down to the area below. On the table is a map you can interact with to get this Souvenir.

Once you have the Souvenir, return to the centre by pushing the cart all the way forward. Use the Anchor Point to pull the left-hand cart towards you, then do the same for the one in the middle. Refract the light from the cart on the left to use it to cross over, and then push it to the right. From here, you can target the barrel and make it explode to destroy the cart blocking the path. Now go back to the cart on the right and you'll be able to push it all the way along the track, meaning you'll reach the other side.

Cross the gigantic bridge and a cutscene will follow. Once you regain control, it's time to claim another Souvenir.

Souvenir #2: His Toys...

When confronted by the huge locked door with multiple mechanisms on either side, look to your right to find another door bolted shut. Have Hugo crawl through the crack in the wall to the left, and he'll unlock it for you, granting access to the second Souvenir.

Return to the main hall to start working through the puzzle. For starters, grab the cart with an Anchor Point attached to it from the left. Have Sophia use the crank and then pull it out. Next, command Sophia to pull the level on the left-hand side of the door. This will remove two of the bars blocking the door, but you need to lock them in place. Go to the Anchor Point and shoot the other lever, pulling it and attaching the rope to the Anchor Point to hold it in place.

Now go to the other side and ask Sophia to use the other lever that moves horizontally. Now, Hugo can use the other lever on this side to lock the bars in place. Amicia and Sophia can now use the crank in the middle to open the main doors.

Light the firepit in front to reveal a huge rat's nest. Shoot the latch at the end to reveal a bridge, but you'll need to climb down on your left due to a missing piece. Amicia will fall all the way down, and there are rats nearby so sprint for the ladder ahead to safety. Although, down here you'll find Secret Chest #1.

Secret Chest #1

When you fall off the bridge in the temple and are separated from Hugo and Sophia, you'll need to cross a rat's nest. On the other side, you'll need to break the chains blocking your path with the Sling. Before dropping back down into the rat's nest, look to your left for another set of chains to break with a Secret Chest on the other side.

Once you have Secret Chest #1, head back to the nest area and light the cart below. Then drop down into the nest and push it forward. Climb up to the right, light the firepit and use an Ignifer Pot to cross. Now shoot the barrel Sophia and Hugo throw down to you using the Anchor Point. You can then make it explode to remove the debris blocking the lit cart from moving. Return to the cart once it's done and keep pushing it to the other side. Here you'll be reunited with Sophia and Hugo. Run to the right, up the ladder, and down the hallway where the bridge would have ended.

Into another rat's nest you go, down a very long spiral staircase. After the cutscene at the bottom, you'll need to run all the way back up again to escape the rats. Once you see daylight and into the safety of a cutscene, the chapter ends.

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