No Man's Sky Guide How to Find Space Anomaly PS5 PS4

How do you find the Space Anomaly in No Man's Sky? Where is the Space Anomaly, and how do you find Nada and Polo? One of No Man's Sky's early objectives sees you finding the Space Anomaly, but you can't do it straight away. As part of our No Man's Sky guide, we're going to explain how to find the Space Anomaly, and thus Nada and Polo, who reside within it. If you're looking for more help with starting out in No Man's Sky, see our guides: No Man’s Sky: How and Where to Find Basic Resources and No Man's Sky: How to Make Money and Get Lots of Units Quickly.

No Man’s Sky: How to Find the Space Anomaly and Nada and Polo

The following is a simple step-by-step guide to finding the Space Anomaly for the first time, starting where the game itself starts. Read on if you're unsure where to locate this key area of the game.

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Follow the Tutorial on Your First Planet

The game begins with you waking up on an unfamiliar planet, apparently having crash landed and some of your systems damaged. Fortunately, despite the strange circumstances, the game does give you some guidance in those first moments.

Objectives will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen, talking you through the basics of gathering materials, repairing/refuelling systems, and crafting simple items. You should follow all of this to the point where you can finally get that little starship off the ground.

Continue the Tutorial and Get a Hyperdrive

Once your ship has been fixed up, you'll be able to launch and go out into space. Once you're up there, you'll need to run through another couple of steps in the tutorial, which will direct you towards a second planet in the star system. Go there and continue the tutorial, until you reach the point of building a hyperdrive for your starship. This will see you build a small base, visit the space station for the first time, and locate the hyperdrive blueprint.

Warp to Another Star System

Once you've installed a hyperdrive into your starship, you'll be able to use the Galactic Map to reach a brand new system. If your goal is simply to find the Space Anomaly, then it doesn't matter which star system you choose. No matter which one you fly to, the first Space Anomaly appearance is scripted to appear after you make your first hyperdrive jump.

So, warp to your second star system. Here, you'll need to follow a few more steps before the Space Anomaly appears, but again, it's all outlined fairly clearly in-game, so keep following that quest line.

Fly to the Space Anomaly

Eventually — after following the tutorial further — the next time you fly into space, you'll receive a message. It's from Nada, who summons you to the Space Anomaly. A marker will appear on your compass, so follow it to the spherical structure that's now appeared in space. This is the Space Anomaly, and once inside and having spoken to everyone, No Man's Sky will open up fully, and you can explore it to your heart's content.

Summoning the Space Anomaly

After finding the Space Anomaly for the first time, you will be able to summon it wherever you are in space. While flying through the cosmos, open the quick menu (Down on d-pad) and summon the Space Anomaly, placing it down when the outline is green. You now have access to it anywhere and everywhere you go!

Hopefully, now you know how to find the Space Anomaly and Nada and Polo. How are you getting on in No Man's Sky so far? Let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to check our No Man's Sky guide for lots more.