Are you looking for a Trophy guide for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor? As part of our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide, we're going to help you unlock all Trophies and reveal how to get the Platinum Trophy. Our Trophy roadmap will answer questions like whether there are any Missable Trophies or Difficulty Related Trophies.

Due to the nature of the content on this page, please note that there are Star Wars Jedi: Survivor spoilers below. Whilst we've tried to keep everything as spoiler-free as possible, clicking through to other pages may well reveal plot points and late-game scenarios.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trophy Guide: All Trophies and How to Unlock the Platinum

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trophy Guide: All Trophies and How to Unlock the Platinum 2

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has 54 Trophies to unlock, including the Platinum Trophy. In this part of our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trophy guide, we will reveal our Trophy Roadmap, and then detail whether there are any Missable Trophies or Difficulty Related Trophies separately.

Trophy Roadmap

It's possible to unlock the Platinum Trophy in a single playthrough since you're able to free foam the galaxy after completing the story. You can return to every area in the game to find collectibles and complete any challenges you need to do. However, you must focus on one Missable Trophy in the game: You've Got a Friend. This requires the two companions you get to assist you in combat 10 times each. Merrin is available after the story, but Bode isn't. Make sure to use his assists as much as possible when he's with you. Otherwise, relax and enjoy the experience, then focus on the Trophies later.

Are There Any Missable Trophies?

There is a single Missable Trophy in the game: You've Got a Friend. This asks you to have companions assist you in combat 10 times each. Merrin and Bode will be your companions throughout the game, but only Merrin is usable after the story is complete. Therefore, use Bode's combat assists as much as possible when he's by your side. If not, you'll need to start up a New Game+ playthrough and finish the requirement off there.

There are no difficulty-related Trophies in the game. You can feel free to play on the easiest difficulty and still unlock all the Trophies.

Trophy Guide

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trophy Guide: All Trophies and How to Unlock the Platinum 1

In this part of our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trophy guide, we'll list all Trophies and provide explanations and strategies for unlocking all of them. Doing so will give you the Platinum Trophy and 100 per cent completion.

The Jedi Survivor

Platinum: Unlock all Trophies

Unlock the other 53 Trophies in the game's Trophy list and you'll automatically unlock the Platinum Trophy.

Rooftop Duel

Bronze: Defeat an Inquisitor

Automatically unlocked through main story progress.

For Saw Gerrera

Bronze: Break free from the grasp of the Empire

Automatically unlocked through main story progress.

Grab Some Seat

Bronze: Chat with the owner of the Koboh cantina

Automatically unlocked through main story progress.

The Past Made Present

Bronze: Release the Jedi from the bacta tank

Automatically unlocked through main story progress.

Survivors, We Adapt

Bronze: Travel together with a Nightsister

Automatically unlocked through main story progress.

Among the Masters

Bronze: Meet the Jedi Masters

Automatically unlocked through main story progress.

For the Path

Bronze: Protect Pilgrim's Sanctuary

Automatically unlocked through main story progress.

Out of Bedlam

Bronze: Rescue a friend from the Bedlam Raiders

Automatically unlocked through main story progress.

Tanalorr Bound

Bronze: Collect the Abyss Compass

Automatically unlocked through main story progress.


Bronze: Defend the Archive

Automatically unlocked through main story progress.

At the Precipice

Bronze: Survive Nova Goran

Automatically unlocked through main story progress.

Into the Abyss

Bronze: Discover the route to Tanalorr

Automatically unlocked through main story progress.

A Place You Could Call Home

Gold: Complete the story

Automatically unlocked through main story progress.

Han Slowlo

Bronze: Defeat 50 enemies under the effects of Slow

You can activate Slow by pressing L3 and R3 at the same time once the yellow meter at the bottom of the screen has filled. This will effectively freeze all the enemies nearby for a limited time, allowing you to get free hits in. The base ability unfreezes enemies once they've been hit once, but it can be upgraded. Defeat 50 enemies with Slow active and you'll unlock the Trophy.

So Uncivilized

Bronze: Defeat 10 enemies with shots using the Point Blank skill

The Point Blank ability is tied to the Blaster Stance that Cal automatically unlocks as part of the main story. Once you've got enough Skill Points, purchase the Point Blank Skill at a Meditation Point. Then, what you need to do is equip the Stance and press the Triangle button just before an enemy attacks 10 times. Think of it as a parry move, and you need to kill the enemy when using the Skill.

You've Got a Friend

Bronze: Direct your companions to assist in combat 10 times each

When you're accompanied by Bode and Merrin, be sure to have them help you out during combat encounters by holding R1 and then pressing Square. They'll perform an action, and you need to do this 10 times for both companions to unlock the Trophy.


Bronze: Hit 3 enemies with a single roller mine

You'll find Roller Mines fairly frequently out in the open world, so lure one over to a group of enemies, then use Pull to pick it up and throw it at the enemies. You don't have to kill the enemies; just damaging them will do.

They Never Saw It Coming

Bronze: Strike an unaware enemy 20 times

An unaware enemy is a foe you can kill straight away when the large Square prompt appears next to them. Perform this 20 times and you'll unlock the Trophy.

This Is Canon

Bronze: Push an enemy into the Shattered Moon mining cannon

On your second story-related visit to the Shattered Moon when pursuing Rayvis, you’ll enter the Array Channel area. Running through the centre is a huge laser cannon, which you’ll need to Pull and then Push an enemy into whilst it’s firing.

I'm a Living Legend

Silver: Defeat all legendary adversaries

There are 13 legendary adversaries in the game. You'll encounter some of these through Rumors given to you at Pyloon's Saloon while others are simply found in the world.

Get Down From There

Bronze: Attack 20 Lifted enemies

Once you've learned how to Lift enemies and objects, use the ability in combat by holding R1 and then pressing Triangle. This will suspend weaker enemies in the air for a limited time, and then you just need to attack 20 of them to unlock the Trophy.

One With the Force

Bronze: Avoid 50 attacks using Focus Sight

Focus Sight is a Skill unlocked in the Survival tree that allows you to evade enemy attacks by holding the Circle button while your Force meter is filled. Use it against melee enemies and you'll unlock the Trophy after dodging 50 attacks.

Mirror Match

Bronze: A confused enemy defeats an enemy of the same type

This can be one of the very first Trophies you unlock in the game. When you're given the Confusion tutorial (a Force ability), use it on the enemy and then simply sit back and watch them defeat their former ally.


Bronze: Execute 10 perfectly timed precision releases

From the Dual Weild tree, buy the Precision Release Skill. This ability acts as a parry when an enemy is about to hit you, activated with the Triangle button. Perform the move 10 times and the Trophy is yours.

Slam Dunk

Bronze: Slam 5 enemies with a single use of Slam

You'll automatically unlock the ability to Slam objects and enemies through the main story, but you'll need to upgrade to get this Trophy. From the Telekinesis tree, buy Mass Slam. Now find a large group of enemies and Slam them all at once.


Bronze: Parry a Force Pull resisting enemy

You need to find an enemy resistant to Pull to unlock this Trophy — the larger droids work best. When you find one, use Pull so that it fails. This will automatically trigger a springing attack from the enemy, and you need to parry that attack to unlock the Trophy.

Star Tours

Silver: Discover and complete all Jedi Chambers

There are 7 Jedi Chambers to find and complete in the game. Below you'll find walkthroughs for them all:

King of the World

Bronze: Reach the highest point of Harvest Ridge

Coming soon.

There Is No Try

Bronze: Help lift a ship out of the tar pits

Please refer to our full guide on How to Help Lift a Ship Out of the Tar Pits.

Now, This Isn't Podracing

Bronze: Travel 500m of distance while riding creatures

You should unlock this naturally once you have access to mounts. Simply make sure to ride mounts when you're crossing the world and you'll eventually unlock this Trophy.

Cleaning Up

Bronze: Refresh the refresher

Once you reach Pyloon’s Saloon in the Southern Reach on Koboh, go through to the bathroom to the right of the bar. Interact with the toilet in the stall and you’ll unlock this Trophy.

They're Probably Fine

Bronze: Drop your mount into the great unknown

Quite a cruel Trophy, but what you need to do is drop a mount off a cliff. This can be done on a Nekko or a Spamel. Ride one straight at a cliff drop and then jump off just before you reach the edge. It can be a bit finicky so you may need multiple tries at this, but eventually, you'll unlock the Trophy for having a mount fall to its death.


Bronze: Keep your feet off the ground and walls for 60 seconds

Coming soon.

It's a Trap

Bronze: Explore the Phon'Qi Caverns

To reach the Phon'Qi Caverns, go to the Foothill Falls in Koboh and go down the trapdoor inside the dilapidated house here. Squeeze through the gap, and then you'll need to make it through to the end of this area, finishing off a boss battle and then interacting with a panel at the end to unlock the Trophy.

Max Capacity

Bronze: Have a packed cantina

There are 11 characters to recruit for the cantina. Some you'll need to find as you explore the world while others can be tracked via Rumors.

Can You Pet the Bogling?

Bronze: You can pet the bogling

You'll find boglings all around Rambler's Reach Outpost and the Southern Reach area. Simply interact with one and you'll unlock the Trophy.

Caij Match

Bronze: Gain the attention of a mysterious stranger

Complete all 17 Bounties given to you by Caij and you'll unlock this Trophy.

Who Gives a Puck

Bronze: Obtain your first bounty

You’ll unlock this Trophy automatically when you return to Kodoh to research Tanalorr. When you reach the Devastated Settlement, a boss fight will ensue and then Caij Vanda will introduce themselves as the person for Bounties.

Perk of the Job

Bronze: Equip Perks in all slots

In addition to the three Perk slots you start with, there are seven more you can find for a total of 10. One is sold by Zee for 10 Datadiscs and the rest you'll need to find out in the world as Essences. It's easiest to do this by having all the Essences marked on your map, which is done by completing all the Jedi Chambers. Once you've done that, go to the Alignment Control Center on Koboh and interact with the monitors now they've all turned green. Doing so marks all Essences on your map, allowing you to track down the Perk slots.

Greezy Money

Bronze: Trade 25 collected items

Simply spend 25 Priorite Shards, Datadiscs, and Jedha scrolls across the vendors available in the game.

Cobra Cal

Bronze: Train with your weapons while wearing a headband

The headband can be purchased from Doma's Shop for seven Priorite Shards. Equip it in the pause menu, then go to Jedha and swing your lightsaber at the stormtrooper training dummy next to the Mantis.

A Presence I've Not Felt Since...

Bronze: Wear an old wardrobe staple

By defeating the Spawn of Oggdo in Fort Kah'lin on Koboh, you'll be able to access a Chest with Cal's old Poncho inside. Equip it and the Trophy is yours.

Hey, Luke At Us

Bronze: Equip a new cosmetic in every Cal slot

You'll unlock cosmetic items for Cal by opening Chests in the environment. Once you've gathered enough, press the Options button and scroll over to the Customization tab. From there, change all the options to something new and you'll unlock the Trophy.

Road House

Bronze: Dropkick an enemy while wearing a mullet

To have Cal wear a mullet, you'll need to find the cosmetic from a Chest in the Derelict Dam on Koboh. Equip it and the Crossguard Stance, then sprint towards any enemy and hold the Square button.

Kitted Out

Bronze: Customize BD-1, the blaster, and Cal's lightsaber with new parts

Once you've gathered enough cosmetic items from Chests, head to any Workbench and slap on some new looks for BD-1, your blaster (once you've gotten it), and the lightsaber to unlock this Trophy.

Skoova Diving

Bronze: Fill the aquarium in the cantina

To begin collecting fish for the aquarium, you'll first need to recruit Skoova. This can be done in a Rumor called Recruit the Mysterious Fisherman. Speak to him back at Pyloon's Saloon on the second floor once that's been done, then he'll appear in different places throughout the galaxy. You'll need to find him in 12 different places to collect the fish.

Growth Spurt

Bronze: Find space for a full garden

To get this Trophy, you'll need to first recruit Pili Walde. The main story path takes you right past her on Jedha, so be sure to talk to her when you encounter her. Then, on top of Pyloon's Saloon is a garden. You'll now need to collect 10 Seed Pods for different flowers and grow them. Once that happens, you'll unlock the Trophy.


Silver: Win all holotactics matches

To unlock holotactics as a playable game, you'll need to complete the Rumor called Locate the Odd Pair. Finishing this recruits Bhima and Tulli at Pyloon's Saloon. They'll set up shop in a little side room on the second floor, where you can play holotactics.

It's a little game where you pit enemies against one another to see who would come out on top, and you'll gain access to new characters by completing All Enemy Scan Locations for the Tactical Guide. The more you have at your disposal the better. Then, you need to recruit Turgle, Greez, Merrin, Caij, Tulakt, Tulli, Skoova, and T-1N8 so you can do battle against them. Beat them all to unlock the Trophy.

Intergalactic Geographic

Silver: Scan every type of enemy to fill out the Tactical Guide

Please refer to our All Enemy Scan Locations for the Tactical Guide for more information on this Trophy.


Bronze: Use BD-1 to investigate a target in the distance

Simply pull up BD-1's visor and scan any enemy. This can be done by pressing Down on the D-Pad, then R3, and finally Square.


Bronze: Purchase all of Doma's merchandise

You'll need to collect all 100 Priorite Shards in the game to be able to buy everything on sale at Doma's Shop. To make this easier, you'll want to get those Priorite Shards marked on your map. After completing the story, go to the Arid Flats in Jedha. Here, you'll need to complete puzzles in the Path of Conviction, Path of Persistence, and Path of Restoration. Doing so opens a tomb inside Wayfinder's Tomb, and interacting with the panel inside marks all Treasures on your map. Collect all the Priorite Shards, then spend them at Doma's Shop to unlock the Trophy.

The Jedi Path

Bronze: Fully upgrade 3 skill trees

Buy all the Skills that make up three of the Skill trees in the game. Since you can farm XP by resetting Meditation Points, this is an unmissable Trophy.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Gold: Complete all Force Tears

There are 15 Force Tears to beat in the game. They consist of either combat or parkour challenges. Find them all then complete them to unlock the Trophy.

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