Do you need an In Our Wake walkthrough for A Plague Tale: Requiem, including all collectibles? In this A Plague Tale: Requiem guide, we're going to reveal how to achieve 100% completion in In Our Wake. There are 2 Souvenirs, 1 Flower, and 1 Secret Chest to find in In Our Wake.

A Plague Tale: Requiem: In Our Wake Walkthrough

A Plague Tale: Requiem: In Our Wake Walkthrough 1
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After freeing the boat from the debris in the water, follow the path up the cliff, climbing up the rocks as you go. Once you reach the forest, be on the lookout for Souvenir #1: The Stag's Roar.

Souvenir #1: The Stag's Roar

After lodging the boat free at the very start of the chapter, you'll need to catch up with it by running through a forest. If you keep looking to your right as you go, you'll find a fork in the road. Head right, through the remains of a wooden wagon, and you'll find a clearing with a red ribbon hanging from a tree in front. Approach it and you'll hear the cry of a stag; this automatically triggers the Souvenir.

If you spot the crack in the rock with a tree branch blocking it, you've gone too far. Double back and keep searching for the other path you need.

Return to the main path and move the tree branch blocking the gap in the rock. You'll spot the ship ahead, then take the path to your right until the rats appear. Light the hanging bail of hay with your Sling, and then sprint to the other side. Command Lucas to use the crank on the next platform, which will move the bail of hay. Light it again, and then use an Ignifer Pot to bridge the gap to the next platform.

Now we need to get Lucas across, so use the crank so it can be positioned correctly. Lucas will light it and he'll come across. Next, switch positions with Lucas so he uses the crank. Now light the bail of hay and tell Lucas to let go. You must stay in the light as the hay moves back into position, using it to reach the platform on your left. As part of the story, things will go wrong and Lucas will throw a Pyrite to you which wards off all the rats. Continue to move to the platform ahead.

Next, use the crank to draw another bail of hay close. When it's gone all the way, let go and light it, using the light it casts to reach the platform opposite. Throw a stick to Lucas and he'll run to the platform you were on before. Now shoot the lock stopping Lucas from reaching the ground and light the bail of hay in front of you. Both of you will then be able to run to the next platform. Here, you can get Souvenir #2: Huuuugooooo!

Souvenir #2: Huuuugooooo!

Once you reach the platform with a Workbench after reuniting with Lucas, turn around and look for a ladder. It's being held up by a lock you can shoot with your Sling. Climb all the way to the top, then approach the cliff edge where Lucas is standing to get the interaction prompt for this Souvenir.

Once you're ready to move on, grab a stick and light it. Now use it to reach the firepit down to your left next to the building. Move the wooden boards and crawl under into the next area. Pull the crank and you'll discover it's stuck. Head to the right and command Lucas to pull the cart so you can get by. You'll drop into the water to find a dead body jamming the ferry, so pull it out. Climb onto the ferry once it makes it across and then have Lucas let go of the crank so you can cross.

On the other side, target the counterweight holding the chain together. Shoot it with your Sling and it'll all fall apart, creating a path for you to take on the left. Now you have the chance to find Secret Chest #1.

Secret Chest #1

Once you've crossed to the other side of the river via the wooden raft and destroyed the counterweight holding up the chain in the water, exit the building and head round to the back. Squeeze through the gap in the fence, go up the ladder, and the Secret Chest will be in front of you.

Return to the main path and head towards the broken bridge. Once you spot the movable cart underneath, it's time to find Flower #1: Anemone.

Flower #1: Anemone

Underneath the bridge is a wooden cart you can push in order to reach higher ledges. The main path would have you push it forward, but if you head towards the back of the area behind you, there's another ledge to climb up to. Before you do, though, look up and to your right and you'll spot a chain you can destroy with your Sling. Do so, then climb up and follow the path until you reach a cliff edge. The Anemone is the pink Flower you find here.

Return to the cart underneath the bridge and now push it forwards to the other ledge. Drop down into the next area and use the crank to move a crane to where you just came from. Heading underneath the ledge you just dropped down from, shoot the lock holding a piece of wood up. Now you can get back and push the cart onto the crane. Return to the crank to bring the cart across, then push it into position to progress.

A cutscene will reveal Lucas is being chased by soldiers, at which point Amicia will jump onto the boat and man the turret. Shoot the enemies to rescue him. Now select Ignifer Bolt in your inventory and shoot them at the wooden pieces where you can see arrows. This will create a path Lucas can use to reach the boat.

After the next cutscene, you'll be in an on-rails section where all you need to do is shoot the enemies that appear using the turret. Use it for cover also when you've been damaged. When there are barrels next to the enemies, shoot them with an Ignifer Bolt for some easy kills.

The boat will eventually become beached, at which point you should use your Sling and newly acquired Crossbow to take down the enemies that appear. There are only so many Bolts in the environment, though, so use them somewhat sparingly. Once all the enemies are dead, head up the hill.

After the cutscene, you'll be in a chase sequence. Simply follow the linear path, climbing over rocks and squeezing through gaps as you go. You'll eventually slide down into a cave, and some enemies will appear. Either sneak around them or take them out. You'll be automatically spotted once you escape, so follow the path once more. A cutscene then ends the chapter.

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