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How do you earn Quicksilver in No Man's Sky? What's the best way to earn Quicksilver? In No Man's Sky, Quicksilver is an extra currency, used to purchase cosmetic items for your character or your base. The trouble is that it isn't obvious where to get Quicksilver. As part of our No Man's Sky guide, we're going to explain how you can get your hands on some Quicksilver and start buying all those collectibles and cosmetics.

No Man's Sky: How to Earn Quicksilver

Below, we'll be going through ways you can get Quicksilver in No Man's Sky.

Condensed Stellar Ice

No Man's Sky Guide How to Earn Quicksilver PS5 PS4 4

In space, you may come across a fairly rare object called Condensed Stellar Ice. This item is actually found as a random encounter while in space flight, so there's no real rhyme or reason to when you find it. It is said that Condensed Stellar Ice will appear more often in green star systems, however. Anyway, when you mine the Stellar Ice, it has a chance to reward you with 100 Quicksilver. They may also give you other materials instead — it's not a surefire thing, sadly. The good news is that, once you find a bunch of Condensed Stellar Ice, you can save your game, mine them up, and if you don't get much Quicksilver, reload it and try again for a better drop rate.

Space Anomaly Missions

No Man's Sky Guide How to Earn Quicksilver PS5 PS4 5

Aboard the Space Anomaly is The Nexus, right next to where all the ships come in to land. If you open this up, you'll see that it features a batch of various missions for you to take on. One of these will reward you with 250 Quicksilver, and there's a new mission every day, so dedicated players can make thousands of Quicksilver in a week. Weekend missions offer more Quicksilver, so again, you're rewarded for engaging with the game and playing these limited time missions.

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That's how to earn Quicksilver in No Man's Sky. Have you been getting a bunch of Quicksilver? Tell us in the comments section below, and be sure to check out our No Man's Sky guide for lots more.