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  • Guide Far Cry 6: All Unique Weapons and Where to Find Them

    Armed to the Teeth Trophy guide

    What are all unique weapons in Far Cry 6 and where do you find them? Along with the standard range of guns found on the exotic island of Yara, there are more located in specific places equipped with better perks and stronger stats. These are called unique weapons and belong in your loadout. In this Far Cry 6 guide,...

  • Guide Far Cry 6: All Rooster Locations

    Recrooster Trophy guide

    What are all rooster locations in Far Cry 6? Roosters are one of a few different types of collectibles in Far Cry 6, but they have a second use beyond simply finding them. They can be used to compete in cockfighting matches at Montero Farm once you've progressed the story enough. In this Far Cry 6 guide, we're going to reveal...

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  • Guide All Resident Evil Movies and Where to Watch Them

    The ultimate Resident Evil film guide

    What are all Resident Evil movies and where can you watch them? As one of the more popular video game franchises to branch off into cinema, the Resident Evil series is watched on TV screens just as much as it's played on consoles. In this guide, we are going to reveal all Resident Evil movies and where to watch...

  • Guide All PlayStation Productions Movies and TV Shows

    Release dates, casting, and more for all PlayStation Productions projects

    PlayStation Productions is a division established within the Sony Interactive Entertainment hierarchy designed to convert popular PlayStation gaming properties into television shows and movies. In this guide, we will list all PlayStation Productions movies and TV shows in...

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  • Guide Shenmue II - How to Easily Make Lots of Money

    Cash for Cool Z

    There’s a moment early in Shenmue II where you’ll lose all of your money, and there’s nothing you can do about it. From that point, you’re going to have to try and make some cash if you want to purchase toy capsules or play arcade games. There are various jobs you can do to make some dollars, including carrying crates and...

  • Guide Shenmue - How to Get into Warehouse 8 and Meet Master Chen

    Break and enter

    Once you reach New Yokosuka Harbor in Shenmue, one of your first tasks is to break and enter Warehouse 8 so that you can meet Master Chen – but this can be a bit of pain. To begin with, there are two warehouse districts, and you’ll need to pay a visit to the Old Warehouse District in order to infiltrate the Warehouse 8 that...

  • Guide Shenmue II - How to Learn 15 Combat Skills


    Over the course of Shenmue II, you’ll encounter characters who will teach you combat skills. These essentially comprise moves that you can perform during free battle. You’ll earn the following Trophies on the way to the ‘Master’ Trophy, which is awarded for learning 15 combat skills: Apprentice (one combat skill), Adept (five combat...

  • Guide Shenmue II - How to Win 5 Arm Wrestling Matches


    One of the first things that will happen when you arrive in Aberdeen in Shenmue II is that you’ll be challenged to an arm wrestling match. This first bout is easy to win, and you’ll be awarded the ‘Challenger’ Trophy for your efforts. Each time you win, however, the stakes will be increased – and winning the $50 bet is almost...

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  • Guide GTA 6: Everything We Know So Far

    All the key details you need to know

    Are you looking for everything we know so far about GTA 6? With Rockstar Games having finally announced the much-anticipated sequel, interest in the game is currently sky-high. This GTA 6 guide is designed to document everything we know so far about the game, revealing important details about its release and...

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