Do you need an A Burden of Blood walkthrough for A Plague Tale: Requiem, including all collectibles? In this A Plague Tale: Requiem guide, we're going to reveal how to achieve 100% completion in A Burden of Blood. There are 2 Souvenirs, 1 Flower, and 1 Secret Chest to find in A Burden of Blood.

A Plague Tale: Requiem: A Burden of Blood Walkthrough

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At the start of the chapter, you'll be back in the familiar surroundings of the marketplace, except the weather has taken a turn for the worst. Your first port of call is to follow Lucas as you search for the herbalist. The two will converse as you make your way back down to the market, this time taking a turn to the right. Push the big set of doors open, and after the load screen, you'll be in the butcher's district. Keep on taking the linear path, interacting with the locals if you wish.

Guards will be blocking the street ahead, so you'll have to find another way in. Turn around, and Lucas will point out a back alley you can use. He'll pull the cart to one side so you can squeeze through the gap in the fence. Drop down into the butcher's dump. Make your way to the other side and climb up, then grab the Pot and squeeze through another gap in the fence. Chests to your right will contain supplies, and then you can push the cart to your left to progress.

The commotion will cause the rats to surface, and all the fires nearby will be extinguished. Relight the firepit in front of you, then look to your left for another one. You can then cross to the other side using an Ignifer Pot. In the next section, you'll first need to put the fire out by shooting the bag to the right to extinguish it. Then shoot the carcass down to attract the rats. This creates a safe passage for you.

Don't enter the barn on the other side just yet, though. In the corner of the outdoor area is a cart you need to push inside.

Place it next to the lit firepit on your right, then shoot it to extinguish the fire. Shoot the carcass next to it to attract the rats, and then do the same for the other one by the tables. This creates a path for you, so take it and go up the ladder. There'll be a chest to your left with supplies, and a Knife stuck inside the pig's head in the lit room.

Drop down into the next area and you'll be confronted by a guard. You'll need to kill him to progress.

The rats will re-appear just after, but Lucas gives you resources to craft something that extinguishes fire. Use it to put out the fire just behind the guard up ahead, and then push on through the safe passage. You'll need to do the same on the next guard you find, this time targeting his lit torch. The next area is a bit more complicated.

You need to get the guard to come to you and then extinguish his torch, giving the rats the chance to kill him. You can get his attention by just shooting him with a normal rock. He'll march towards you, and when he's out in the open, put his torch out and the rats will take care of the rest. You're then free to move on.

The city gate will be just up ahead, but you first need to turn the cranks above it to open it. Set the firepit alight, cross to the left-hand side, and loot the big chest in front of you. Two guards will appear, so extinguish both their torches to get them killed. Drop down and enter the spiral staircase from where they appeared from, interacting with the cranks at the top. Release the crank and then sprint back downstairs to ensure you pass through in time.

When you're outside the city walls, take the path ahead and head to the house on your right. You'll find Souvenir #1: A Grave here.

Souvenir #1: A Grave

After passing through the city gate, take the path down to the house on the right. A locked gate will greet you, but follow the fence around to the right and you'll be able to shoot the lock with your Sling. Head inside and interact with A Grave to unlock the Souvenir.

Now that you have Souvenir #1: A Grave, head to the other house and go down the ladder to the left of the Workbench. Make sure you pick up the Knife before going down. Go through the door in the basement and you'll be greeted by a large open area with a church in the middle. Many guards will be patrolling here, but you must cross the sea of rats and make it to a door on the other side.

Start by lighting the brazier in front of you and then climb through the window into the house. There's a guard inside you'll need to quickly kill, then you can grab a stick, light it using the fire next to the door, and head for the next firepit beside the carcass of a cow. Take a right and extinguish the torches the guards are carrying. There are three nearby so make sure you have enough supplies to put them all out.

Once the three are dead, grab a stick and light it, then cross to the firepit next to the church. Go through the door into the church and collect all the supplies you find inside (you may need to relight a few braziers outside to reach the window if you put them out while killing the guards).

Exit out the other door, and the door you need to reach will be on your right. As you approach, the herbalist will appear along with two guards. They'll kill the herbalist, but there's no way to save him so just let it happen. Once they split up, kill the enemy not wearing a helmet with your Sling and then throw an Ignifer Pot to your right so you can make it to the cart. Grab a stick, light it, and then use it to reach the door.

It's locked, so hop over the fence to your left and then squeeze through the gap in the rock. This will bring you into the herbalist's garden. In here, you'll need to find some Nightshade. Make sure you grab Flower #1: Chamomile first, though.

Flower #1: Chamomile

Once you reach the herbalist's house, take a left and look up at the tree with a broken ladder leaning against it. Hanging from one of the branches on the left-hand side is a cage you can shoot down with your Sling. Inside will be Chamomile.

Now that you have Flower #1: Chamomile, it's time to find the Nightshade. It isn't actually outside, but you need to interact with all the flowers nearby in order to trigger progress. One Lucas suggests looking inside, open the door, grab the supplies, and head to the window for a cutscene.

Once the cutscene ends, you'll need to rescue Lucas. Use the tall grass to stay out of sight, heading for the barns in the back of the area. There's a door in this area to head for, and on the other side, Lucas is being threatened. Kill the guard and prepare for an onslaught of enemies as Amicia loses her temper.

Most of them will be easy to kill by simply targeting their heads, but for the ones carrying shields, hit the bags in the centre of the room. You'll then be able to land an easy hit. Eventually, a fully armoured knight will appear and throw you and Lucas in prison.

Following the cutscene, you'll be escorted to the executioner. Target the firepit and have Lucas use the flames to your advantage. Sprint out the door, up the spiral staircase, and out the window. You could admire the view for a second, but then shimmy around the wall to your right.

There'll be an archer up ahead, but you should avoid him by passing through the room to your right and then climbing out the window. From here, you'll be able to see the road to the courtyard. Turn left and follow the castle walls around, avoiding the enemies as you go. Have Lucas use Stupefacio on the firepits to distract guards.

Once you drop down into the depot, make sure to grab both Secret Chest #1 and Souvenir #2: Our Home.

Secret Chest #1

The first Secret Chest in the game acts as a tutorial, teaching you that you'll need a Knife in your inventory to unlock them. In the back of the depot, once you've escaped the soldiers holding you captive, there will be a Knife in the back-left corner of the room and a Secret Chest opposite. Unlock it to gain some bonus spoils and a Workbench to craft upgrades from.

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Souvenir #2: Our Home

In the depot, where you find your Sling and Nightshade, take the ladder back up one floor after reclaiming your tools. In front of you will be another path you can take, accessed by shooting a metal hook to reveal a new piece of flooring. With the path open, cross to the other side to find this Souvenir.

Once you have all collectibles in this area, talk to Lucas at the main set of doors. You'll need to create a huge distraction to escape, and the ballista hanging from the ceiling will allow you to make one. Lucas will push aside a cabinet blocking a cart, which you should move next to the ballista so you can reach the area above. Climb up, have Lucas use the crank, and then shoot the chain to release it. Push it to the door, use the crank, and the following cutscene will end the chapter.

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