Bugsnax How to Access The Triplicate Place Catch Cappucceetle Guide 1

How do you get into The Triplicate Space in Bugsnax? What is in The Triplicate Space and how do you catch the Cappucceetle? The Triplicate Space is a super secret area in Bugsnax that contains a particularly elusive Bugsnak. As part of our Bugsnax guide, we're going to tell you how to find The Triplicate Space and how to catch the Cappucceetle.

Bugsnax: How to Access The Triplicate Space and Catch the Cappucceetle

Below, we'll go through both how to reach The Triplicate Space and then how to capture the Cappucceetle.

How to Access The Triplicate Space

Bugsnax How to Access The Triplicate Place Catch Cappucceetle Guide 2

In order to enter The Triplicate Space, you first need to find a special key named the Triangle Key. This key can be found in Broken Tooth, the area added in the Isle of Bigsnax update. The Triangle Key is behind a locked door on the right-hand side of the room where you first find the Pielobite. To unlock the door and get the key, you need to use the Trip Shot to light all the flares leading into this room. Once the door is open, you can go in and grab the Triangle Key.

Next, travel to Boiling Bay. In this area is a beached pirate ship. Use the Lunchpad to launch yourself on top of the ship, walk to the bow, and then drop down to the strange triangular entrance. This is how you get into The Triplicate Space.

We won't spoil what's in here, as there are some cool lore developments you'll want to learn about yourself.

How to Catch the Cappucceetle

Bugsnax How to Access The Triplicate Place Catch Cappucceetle Guide

The Cappucceetle is a small and extremely fast Bugsnak you'll first find once you've fully explored The Triplicate Space. When it sees you, it'll run off. The most important thing to remember about the Cappucceetle is that, every time it spots you, it will leave the area it's currently in and escape to another zone at random. This makes it particularly hard to catch. After leaving The Triplicate Space, it will first appear back in Boiling Bay, running around the water. If you get too close, it'll spot you and run off to another part of the map.

The Cappucceetle will always appear nearby some aggressive Bugsnax. Whichever region of the map it's in, your best bet is to scan the snak to see its path, then coat any nearby aggressive Bugsnax in Chocolate. The Cappucceetle loves Chocolate, so it'll run towards the other Bugsnak, which should send it flying. While it's vulnerable, you can swoop in and catch it with your net. However, it does not stay dazed for long — you have about 10 seconds in which to capture it.

The easiest location we found to do this was Sizzlin' Sands, where there are a number of aggressive Bugsnax to utilise. Fire Chocolate at the Loaded Spuddys roaming near the lake and lure the Cappucceetle over with more splotches of Chocolate.

If you want to catch more than one Cappucceetle, you'll need to return to The Triplicate Space and wake another one up.

That's how to access The Triplicate Space and catch the Cappucceetle in Bugsnax. Have you done these secret parts yet? Tell us in the comments section below, and read our Bugsnax guide for much more on the game.