How do you set fire to a Moroaica in Resident Evil Village? If you're looking to unlock the Platinum Trophy in Resident Evil Village, you'll first need to get the Medium Rare Trophy. In this Resident Evil Village guide, we're going to reveal how to set fire to a Moroaica.

Resident Evil Village: How to Set Fire to a Moroaica

Resident Evil Village: How to Set Fire to a Moroaica Trophy Guide 1

In order to unlock this Trophy, you will first need to grab the Crank from Moreau's territory. The item is tied to story progress so you can't miss it. When you've got that, head to the Lone Road west of the Altar and use the Crank to lower the Drawbridge there. On the opposite side is a boat, which you should take upstream until you come to an area you can disembark at.

Head right and through the double doors to be greeted by a flaming goblet in the centre of the room. You must first shoot the goblet so that it connects with the torches on either side of the room. This will unlock two doors, and one of them contains a Moroaica that will spawn over and over again. Now simply position the flaming goblet between yourself and the Moroaica and then shoot it. This will send the goblet flying at the enemy and set it on fire, thus unlocking the Medium Rare Trophy.

While you're here, you might as well also grab the Lei contained inside the next room (See Also: Resident Evil Village: How to Get to the Riverbank Treasure House).

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