Where are all Memory Collectibles in Chapter 4 of Life Is Strange: True Colors? Alex encounters some bumps in the road after performing at a festival alongside Steph. There are 5 Memory Collectibles to collect throughout the chapter. As part of our Life Is Strange: True Colors guide, we're going to reveal the locations of all collectibles in Chapter 4 in the order you'll encounter them.

Memory Collectible #1: Pressed Rose

This Memory is located at the very beginning of the chapter. After the opening cutscene finishes, you'll be in your apartment. Simply look to the left and the Pressed Rose will be there hanging on the wall. Interact with it to unlock the Pressed Rose Trophy.

Life Is Strange: True Colors: Chapter 4 - Pressed Rose Memory Guide

Memory Collectible #2: Drum Kit

When you're able to explore the festival at the park, head up to the stage and interact with the Drum Kit. Doing so unlocks the Count Me In Trophy.

Life Is Strange: True Colors: Chapter 4 - Drum Kit Memory Guide

Memory Collectible #3: Microphone

After interacting with the Drum Kit, head behind the stage to find the Microphone lying on the floor. Interacting with it unlocks the In Front of God and Everybody Trophy.

Life Is Strange: True Colors: Chapter 4 - Microphone Memory Guide

Memory Collectible #4: CIT Sticker

Still during the festival scene, you're actually still able to explore the town of Haven, and the CIT Sticker is about as far away from the park as it could possibly be. Run all the way down Main Street to the flower shop and head around the back to where the bridge is. The CIT Sticker will be stuck on a window in amongst the plants. Interact with it and the Proud Parent Trophy will unlock.

Life Is Strange: True Colors: Chapter 4 - CIT Sticker Memory Guide

Memory Collectible #5: Polaroid

Once again during the festival scene, head back into The Black Lantern pub. The Polaroid is stuck to the wall next to the entrance to the women's bathroom. Interact with it and you'll unlock the Birthday Boy Trophy. This is a sneaky one since the game automatically transports you from your apartment to the park, skipping the bar itself entirely.

Life Is Strange: True Colors: Chapter 4 - Polaroid Memory Guide

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