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How do you beat all the legendary Bugsnax in Bugsnax? What are the legendary Bugsnax, and how can you catch them? As part of our Bugsnax guide, we're going to explain how to defeat and capture each of the legendary Bugsnax. Defeating all the legendary Bugsnax rewards you with the 'Bossy Bugs' Trophy. For more information on the game's Trophies see our guide: Bugsnax: All Trophies and How to Get the Platinum.

Note: We've done our best to avoid spoilers, but be aware this guide contains information and imagery of certain Bugsnax you might want to discover yourself.

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Bugsnax: How to Defeat and Catch All Legendary Bugsnax

Below is a list of all the legendary Bugsnax in alphabetical order, as well as an explanation of how to access them and how to defeat them. You need to face these beasts if you want to catch every Bugsnak in the game. For more on this subject, see our guide: Bugsnax: All Bugsnax and How to Catch Them.

Daddy Cakelegs

Bugsnax PS5 PlayStation 5 PS4 Legendary Bugsnax Guide 2

Daddy Cakelegs is accessed via the last side quest with Snorpy in Frosted Peak. To initiate the battle, follow Snorpy into the cave, where you'll find a mound of snow with a candle on top. With your Trip Shot, set it up on one of the fires, then shoot it at the candle to light it. This will wake up Daddy Cakelegs.

This Bugsnak will walk around the cave between some large blocks of ice. What you need to do is, once again, set up the Trip Shot on one of the fires, and shoot it at one of the ice blocks so that the Daddy Cakelegs will walk into it — before the ice block melts. The aim of this fight is to light all the candles on the creature. After you light enough candles, Daddy Cakelegs will disappear, leaving behind a few Baby Cakelegs. Don't forget to catch one of these for your collection!

Follow the Baby Cakelegs to a new location. Light the candle atop the mound of snow, as before. You need to repeat the above, shooting your fired up Trip Shot at blocks of ice to light Daddy Cakelegs' candles. You can also fire the Trip Shot directly at the creature. Once you light enough candles, he'll disappear again.

Once again, follow the Baby Cakelegs to another location. In this third area, Daddy Cakelegs will be more mobile, walking along the cliffs as well as the ground. Using the campfire, repeat what you've done so far to hit the beast one last time. It'll then shrink down, and you're free to catch it in your net.

Mama Mewon

Bugsnax PS5 PlayStation 5 PS4 Legendary Bugsnax Guide 3

Mama Mewon is accessed via the last side quest with Chandlo in Flavor Falls. To initiate the battle, just follow Chandlo into its lair. You'll notice the arena is lined with several statues, with stalactites above them.

Once the beast is awake, you'll see lots of Wee Mewons running around. What you need to do is lay down your Snak Trap in front of one of the statues. Eventually, a Wee Mewon will wander into it — trigger the trap when this happens. The Mama Mewon will charge right over and slam into the statue. While it's staggered, use the Snak Grappler to pull down the stalactite on top of it.

After you do this three times, Mama Mewon will transform and start chasing you down. It'll hit you, sending you to a brief cutscene with Chandlo. He says he'll distract the creature while you "get the drop on her". Wait for him to distract Mama Mewon. It'll ram him and be stunned once more. Use the Snak Grappler on the stalactite above one last time, and you can then go in for the capture.


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Megamaki is accessed via the last side quest with Wiggle in Boiling Bay. To initiate the battle, simply follow Wiggle and listen to her summoning song. The Megamaki will appear from the ocean, as will a bunch of tall stone rods.

You have to use the Trip Shot to go between two of these rods so that it interrupts the Megamaki's path. When it hits the wire, it will split into lots of pieces called Minimaki. These will start running around at random. You need to catch as many as you can in your net. After a few seconds, they'll rejoin the head of the Megamaki, and it'll continue flying around.

Repeat this process until you've caught all of the Minimaki. Once the Megamaki head is on its own, you can catch it with your net.

Mothza Supreme

Bugsnax PS5 PlayStation 5 PS4 Legendary Bugsnax Guide 5

Mothza Supreme is accessed via the last side quest with Cromdo in Sizzlin' Sands. To initiate the battle, reach the top of the pyramid with Cromdo. A large pizza cutter will appear from the sand below. Go to it and use your Snak Grappler on it to bring it crashing down. This reveals a Bombino. Pick up this Bugsnak and throw it onto the plinth in the middle of the pyramid. Then, place the Lunchpad on the plinth. This will summon the Mothza Supreme.

The creature will send down lots of explosive Bombinos. What you need to do is wait until these fiery Bugsnax can be picked up. Once you can pick one up, place it down on the Lunchpad on top of the pyramid. Target the Mothza Supreme, and launch the Bombino at it. The Mothza Supreme will fall to the ground. You need to run down to the large pizza cutter, and use the Snak Grappler to bring it down on the Mothza Supreme. Repeat this process a second time.

For the final phase, the best thing to do is pick up another Bombino, but instead of using the Lunchpad, approach the Mothza Supreme from below and throw the Bombino up into the tornado. This should hit it, and bring it down. Use the Snak Grappler on the pizza cutter once more, and then you'll be free to catch the remaining slice of the beast.

That's it for our guide on the legendary Bugsnax. Have you caught them all? Tell us in the comments section below, and check out our main Bugsnax guide for more info on the game.