Tetris Effect PS4 PlayStation 4 PSVR

Some may have laughed at Sony's first Countdown to E3 announcement, but we here at Push Square Towers are extremely excited about Tetris Effect. Tetsuya Mizuguchi's penchant for entrancing players with audiovisual splendor paired with the timeless Tetris formula seems like a match made in heaven, and a new PlayStation Blog post highlights one way this new game is mixing things up.

A brand new 'Zone' ability allows you to pause blocks as they appear atop the grid, allowing you to place them with more care. When in the Zone, any lines cleared mount up at the bottom, and when the meter runs out, normal play resumes and your Zone lines disappear. This means that you're able to get yourself out of a sticky situation, but it also introduces a whole new layer of strategy that experienced players can use to extend the game to rack up crazy scores.

Head on over to the PlayStation Blog to see some clips of the new mechanic in action, as well as a more detailed description on how it works. From where we're sitting, it sounds like a great addition. What do you think of Tetris Effect's new gameplay mechanic? Do you want to see a fresh take on the classic, or would you prefer the core of the game be left untouched? Step into the Zone in the comments below.

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