Trover Saves the Universe was probably the most leftfield game to be announced at Sony's E3 2018 conference -- or any conference, for that matter. It's coming from Squanch Games, a developer with a short history of bizarre virtual reality games, and while this latest title is no exception, one major detail was glossed over during its unveiling.

In the above chat about Trover Saves the Universe, the game's creator Justin Roiland states that the game is "fully playable on PlayStation 4," and will have some unique dialogue and jokes in the standard version. So there you have it: you don't need PlayStation VR to enjoy this surreal, irreverent experience, which will certainly come as good news to some.

Do you like the look of Trover Saves the Universe? Will you be playing on PS4 or in virtual reality? Whichever way you do, it's probably best you don't play while having a bath.