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  • News Sci-Fi FPS Evasion Shoots Up a Storm on PSVR

    PSVR Aim Controller support confirmed

    Sony’s dropping lots of PlayStation VR announcements today, and next on the docket is Evasion – a generically named sci-fi shooter with optional PSVR Aim Controller support from Archiact. While the art leaves a lot to be desired, this certainly looks like a frantic FPS, with class-based co-op adding a...

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    Review Blasters of the Universe

    It's a blast

    Blasters of the Universe is a virtual reality bullet hell, wave survival, space shooter, and if that hasn’t sold you already, we’re not sure what will. Although this is far from the first shooter on PlayStation VR – with the likes of Shooty Fruity, StarBlood Arena, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, Farpoint, and Until...

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    Review Smashbox Arena

    Smash 'n' grab

    Smashbox Arena is like a goofy PlayStation VR mix of SOCOM and dodgeball. Wielding two required PlayStation Move motion controllers, you’re armed with suction weapons that can be used to catch balls and propel them in the opposite direction. Your goal is to fling said spherical shapes in the direction of your opponent in order to...