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  • Guide Best Sports Games on PS5

    All the best PS5 sports games, ranked and rated

    What are the best sports games on PS5? Whether you’re the kind of person who thinks football should be played with your hands or your feet, sports games are enormously popular on PlayStation, and there’s a growing selection available on the PlayStation 5. We’re combining both arcade and...

  • Guide Best Sports Games for PS4

    The best sports games on the PlayStation 4

    What are the best sports games for PS4? Whether you’re a die-hard footie aficionado or a casual basketball gazer, there’s no question that sports games are by far some of the most popular on consoles like the PlayStation 4. Spanning both hardcore simulations and more arcade-like adaptations, we’ve...

  • Talking Point Is Free-to-Play the Future for Sports Games?

    Services rather than sequels

    Every year, the announcement of the latest FIFA, NBA 2K, MLB The Show, or Madden is met with the same chorus of complaints: copy-and-paste. It’s a reductive comment, of course – the Internet, as a whole, is rarely constructive with its criticism – but these titles are developed on such short cycles that it’s hard...

  • News You'll Be Able to Watch the 2018 World Cup Via Your PlayStation VR Headset

    Crashing out on penalties in virtual reality

    Hot off the heels of E3 2018 is the World Cup, and you'll be able to watch all 33 matches through your PlayStation VR headset as the BBC plans to trial the latest technology at the greatest footballing showcase on the planet. As the Los Angeles show floor begins to wind down, you'll be able to take your...

  • News Manchester United's Jose Mourinho Spotted with PS4 Controller Prior to Burnley Clash

    Mour the players

    Sour-faced Portuguese football manager Jose Mourinho returned to Manchester United’s team hotel with a PlayStation 4 controller nestled under his arm earlier today, raising all sorts of unnecessary questions ahead of the club’s clash with Burnley this afternoon. Is he looking to let off steam in Bloodborne as the Alexis Sanchez...

  • News PS4 Is the Best Place for Sports, Claims New Commercial

    It's in the game

    Sony’s putting that new FIFA 18 deal to good use, launching a new advertising campaign that claims the PlayStation 4 is the best place for sports. To be fair, when you’ve got exclusives like MLB The Show 17 and Gran Turismo Sport in your arsenal, that’s kinda hard to argue against. The clip also includes NBA 2K18 but is...

  • Feature Seven Dormant Sports Series That Should Come Out of Retirement on PS4

    Let's get sweaty

    With both the World Cup and Wimbledon in full swing, conversation here at Push Square Towers has focused on old sporting favourites for a few days now. We’re not referring to veterans such as Pele and Martina Navratilova, of course, but classic video game franchises that have prompted more than a few shiny brows over the years –...

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    Review OlliOlli

    Cool boarder

    Once at the apex of industry excitement, the extreme sports genre’s popularity has faded faster than the artwork on an abused skateboard. Now a pastime for Hanson imitating teenage misfits, the days of earnestly discussing kickflips over a curry in the office canteen have long faded. British indie Roll7’s hoping to turn back the...

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    Review NBA Live 14

    Slam junk

    It’s been a long time since EA Sports actually followed through and tossed a new NBA Live title onto consoles, with nothing but a line of cancelled releases filling the space since NBA Live 10. However, with a new generation of consoles arrives the ideal opportunity to revive the dormant franchise properly. Sadly, the awful NBA Live 14...

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    Review Indoor Sports World

    Six pack

    There isn’t a platform on the planet without some form of pub pastime compilation. Simulating the excitement of otherwise social sports such as snooker, pool, and darts has been a fascination among game developers since programming boffins realised that computers could be employed for more entertaining applications than solving the seven...

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    Review NBA 2K14

    Flying through hoops

    Visual Concepts’ vaunted NBA 2K franchise has a reputation for its high standards, and the series’ latest entry on the PlayStation 4 continues that sequence of slam dunks by towering over its PlayStation 3 counterpart. Not content with a mere visual upgrade, NBA 2K14 on Sony’s next generation system plays a totally...

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    Review FIFA 14

    Through on goal

    EA Sports' annual football franchise has enjoyed a good run of late, maintaining steady form over the past few years. The PlayStation 3 version of FIFA 14 was another solid step in the right direction, even if it was more about evolution rather than revolution, as we described in our review. Now, the game makes the jump to Sony's new...

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    Review WWE 2K14

    Laying the Smackdown

    An orphan of THQ’s unfortunate demise at the beginning of this year, the WWE videogame license was quickly snapped up by 2K, and while its role appears to have been limited to simply overseeing WWE 2K14’s completion, the final product is the most comprehensive wrestling package yet. As the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania...

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    Review Madden NFL 25

    Doesn't quite drop the ball

    Madden NFL 25 is a celebration of one of gaming's most iconic franchises – and on its silver anniversary, EA Sports delivers a decent experience that will get fans chanting. This is a largely lifelike release with real drama, energy, pain, and sweet victories – and the power of the PlayStation 4 boosts the release by...

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    Review FIFA 14

    Keeping pace

    Now comfortable and confident with its position right at the very top of the football gaming league, FIFA remains a solid and reliable choice this year. But with Pro Evolution Soccer slowly but surely closing the gap between itself and EA's consistent franchise, does FIFA 14 do enough to secure its lead? The short answer is yes –...

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    Review PES 2014: Pro Evolution Soccer

    Putting the Evolution back in PES

    Improved physicality has been the goal of many sports titles of late, and while progress has been slow, PES 2014: Pro Evolution Soccer has managed just that this year. It's this attribute and the overall impact on the beautiful game that has produced one of the best entries in Konami's series in quite some time, and...

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    Review Skydive: Proximity Flight

    Don't try this at home

    What happened to extreme sports games? They were more popular than Mountain Dew towards the end of the PSone era, but the genre seemed to fizzle out faster than a ska band’s fanbase. Overexposure certainly contributed to Kelly Slater and crew’s sudden crash in popularity, but with only a half-hearted Tony Hawk to compete...

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    Review Madden NFL 25


    Ditching its typical naming pattern for something a little more celebratory, Madden NFL 25 marks the silver anniversary for EA Sports' massively popular American Football series. However, even though this is still a great game, it's not quite the commemoration that you may have wished for, offering plenty of tweaks and enhancements, but...

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    Review Real Boxing

    Undisputed champion

    Having performed extremely well as an app on both iOS and Android devices, it was only a matter of time before Unreal Engine 3-based punch-‘em-up Real Boxing made its way to Sony’s handheld. The good news is that it makes the perilous jump almost seamlessly. Upon starting the game, you’ll be asked to customise your boxer,...

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    Review Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

    Fairway to heaven

    You’d need a heart more barren than a bothersome bunker to dislike Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (or Everybody’s Golf, as it’s known in Europe). Originally putted onto the PlayStation Vita, this PlayStation 3 port of the sugary sporting sim is every bit as sweet as its portable predecessor. Boasting a bevy of colourful...

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    Review International Snooker

    Match ball?

    British developer Big Head Games racked up International Snooker on various other formats prior to this high-definition PlayStation Vita port, and generally to favourable reviews. So, given the handheld's repertoire of quality controls and processing power, does this enhanced version of the title build a big break, or sink the white on...

  • News EA has Already Started Work on Tiger Woods 13

    Motion captured

    Last year we had Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, then earlier this we got Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, which should tide most golf gamers over for a good while. Don't think EA is taking its foot off the Tiger Woods accelerator pedal though, as it's revealed the first images from a motion capture session for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13...

  • News Tiger Woods 12 Sells 225,000 Copies Faster Than a Cheetah

    Series' fastest seller

    Everyone who bought a copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters during its first week helped the game to become the fastest-selling entry in EA's long-running golfing series. According to EA, the game sold 225,000 copies across all formats during its first week on sale, a 17% increase over previous record-holder Tiger Woods...

  • News Top Spin 4 Smashes onto PlayStation Move in March

    Will it be ace?

    Looks like Sega's Virtua Tennis 4 won't be the only Move-enabled tennis game next year: 2K Games has just announced Top Spin 4 will launch in North America on March 15th, with PlayStation Move support from day one. Promising the largest-ever array of past and present stars of the sport – early shots show Andre Agassi and Pete...

  • News Take on the Masters with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

    PS3 gets exclusive Collector's Edition

    While Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 may not have been the best demonstration of how to 'do' PlayStation Move controls, it easily beat the competition in terms of features, and successor Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters looks set to improve still further. The biggest addition, you won't be surprised to learn, is...

  • News Navigation Support is Not Coming to NBA 2K11 After All

    Will be in 2K12 though

    If you've been playing the superb NBA 2K11 with PlayStation Move, you might have been disappointed that the Navigation sub-controller is unsupported, leaving you with a Move in one hand and DualShock 3 in the other. Whilst we presumed Navigation support would be introduced later in the game's cycle, 2K Sports' Community...

  • Out Today NBA 2K11

    Ball your eyes out

    If you've always fancied yourself as a bit of a basketball wizard, the first incarnation of the sport to use PlayStation Move is out this week. NBA 2K11 is out in Europe today having already been released in North America this past Tuesday, and is the first basketball game in donkey's years to let gamers play as iconic baller...

  • News Be Michael Jordan with Move Support in NBA 2K11

    Well, not really, but you get the picture

    If you've always wanted to be Michael Jordan but don't have the money, talent or advertising pull, perhaps it's time you dialled your expectations down a little and thought about a Michael Jordan simulator. The upcoming NBA 2K11 should fill those Nike shoes quite comfortably, with Move support promising to...