CoolPaintrVR PS4 PlayStation 4 PSVR

If you've ever fancied your chances as a painter, sculptor, or 3D modeler, you may be interested in CoolPaintrVR, which has just been announced for PSVR. Launching on 9th May, this interesting software lets you use PlayStation Move controllers or a DualShock 4 to create your very own masterpieces.

It's not a game as such -- you're simply given a set of brushes and other tools to paint, sculpt, and shape within a virtual reality space. Going by the PlayStation Blog post, it sounds like you can go pretty deep with it.

"Use your PS Move controller like a brush, selecting from a variety of tools to express your creativity: brushes, tubes, geometric primitive shapes and particle emitters. Additionally – thanks to Wildbit Studios’ own RTSE technology – you can create a 3D model from a hand-drawn shape. It will have its own skeleton that you can manipulate, bone by bone, to help capture your desired stance."

You'll even be able to export your 3D creations to other third party software. It looks like a fun creative outlet for those that want one, and with a dedicated website where you can share your creations, we imagine we'll see some great things come out of this.

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