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Hot off the heels of E3 2018 is the World Cup, and you'll be able to watch all 33 matches through your PlayStation VR headset as the BBC plans to trial the latest technology at the greatest footballing showcase on the planet.

As the Los Angeles show floor begins to wind down, you'll be able to take your seat in a virtual hospitality box in Russia as you view the opening game, Russia v Saudi Arabia. While the match-up may not be the most glamorous fixture of the tournament, a virtual reality perspective is certainly an exciting prospect for the final.

As well as the glitzy private box, you'll also be able to get among the fans with a viewpoint from both ends of the pitch behind the goals. Although, you know what this means England fans, don't you? We'll be able to view the three lions crashing out on penalties from a closer viewing angle than ever before.

We hope you've still got that cleaning cloth that came with PlayStation VR, because you may be shedding some tears inside that headset of yours. Tell us which games you'll want to view in virtual reality in the comments below.

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