Firewall Zero Hour launches in a couple of weeks on PlayStation VR, and Sony’s promoting the tactical first-person shooter hard. In this series of videos, First Contact Entertainment illustrates how the different phases of play work, depending whether you’re on the offensive or in defence.

As an attacker, your goal is to breach the enemy’s base and locate a laptop. Once you’ve found the key piece of intel, you’ll need to extract data from it, but you’ll need to have your wits about you if you hope to repel the opposing team.

While the offensive phase seems fun, it looks like a lot of work has been invested into defence, too. You’ll be able to use traps in order to keep out attackers, and while door barricades can easily be destroyed, explosives make a lot of noise and thus attract plenty of attention.

To be honest, the game’s looking really good – it’s clearly been inspired by Rainbow Six: Siege, but you can easily see from the video how virtual reality will add a lot to the experience, in terms of leaning and poking around corners. Our only concern is whether it can maintain a sizeable online community, which is always a challenge for multiplayer-focused PSVR games.

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