Transference was a curiosity at Ubisoft's E3 2018 conference last year. There had been relatively little noise about the title since, but we have a much firmer idea of what to expect as Elijah Wood took to the stage to enlighten us on what to expect from the game coming from Ubisoft and his production company, Spectrevision.

The title is a first person psychological horror game, and based on the trailer, looks it might incorporate live action elements with more traditional gameplay. It all looks quite exciting, as Ubisoft continues to show support for VR -= it was mentioned that Transference will be playable without VR as well -- as the market continues to grow, and this has a real shot at being their best yet. 

If that isn't grand enough, the title was given a release window, and it's actually surprisingly close. Transference is currently slated for Fall of this year, though we assume as it gets closer, a more precise date will be offered.