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    Review CoolPaintrVR

    Art attack

    Tilt Brush was one of the early virtual reality highlights, allowing you to “paint” within a three-dimensional canvas. CoolPaintrVR aims to bring a similar experience to PlayStation VR, and while it is limited by Sony’s technology, it’s still a decent option if you’re looking for something artistic on the PlayStation 4. This is...

  • News CoolPaintrVR Is an Artistic Toolset Coming to PlayStation VR Next Month

    Unleash your inner Bob Ross

    If you've ever fancied your chances as a painter, sculptor, or 3D modeler, you may be interested in CoolPaintrVR, which has just been announced for PSVR. Launching on 9th May, this interesting software lets you use PlayStation Move controllers or a DualShock 4 to create your very own masterpieces. It's not a game as such...