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  • Review Electronauts (PS4)

    Audio surf

    The thing that a lot of gamers and even developers forget sometimes is that simple interactions that wouldn’t play on a standard display can shine in virtual reality. Electronauts recognises that, placing you on a cosmic stage hurtling through space and arming you with a series of instruments. There’s very little “game” to speak...

  • Hands On Electronauts Turns You into a Cosmic Composer with PSVR

    Put a donk on it

    God bless PlayStation VR. There’s always going to be scepticism regarding the viability of virtual reality as the medium remains in its infancy, but we never fail to be impressed each and every time we put Sony’s glowing headset on. In fact, looking like you’re a member of Daft Punk is part of the appeal with Electronauts, a...