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    Review Salary Man Escape

    Zero-hour contract

    The job simulation gag has felt a little too played out as of late when it comes to virtual reality. Job Simulator nailed the humorous vibe when PlayStation VR first launched back in 2016, but since then, a number of copycats have tried to emulate the experience to little avail. Salary Man Escape is another title that hopes to...

  • Hands On Shining a Light on PlayStation VR Puzzler Light Tracer

    Beam cast

    It can seem, at times, like everyone is making the same kind of PlayStation VR games. This isn’t true, of course, as there’s plenty of variety on the headset – but there is an overabundance of cockpit-based mech games and shooting galleries. Light Tracer deserves kudos, then, for at least trying its hand at something new –...

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    Review Hidden Dragon: Legend

    Fighting Dragon, Hidden Legend

    Following in the footsteps of Eastern epics like the already classic Nioh and July’s excellent Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, Megafun Games’ Hidden Dragon: Legend is a side-scrolling combat platformer set in Imperial China. The story begins with the amnesiac Lu, who staggers out of a prison massacre and...

  • News You Won't Get Light Tracer's Song Out of Your Head

    PlayStation VR puzzler has a catchy beat

    Wait a minute! Light Tracer may be a neat new PlayStation VR puzzle title – but its theme song is the star of the show. We dare you to play the trailer embedded above, because you ain’t getting this tune out of your head. The title sees you assume the role of a mythical virtual reality deity, using the...

  • News Chinese 2.5D Sidescroller Hidden Dragon: Legend Slashes PS4 in August

    Crouching tiger

    Sony’s actively coveting Chinese developers at the moment, and one game that’s coming to the PlayStation 4 in August via Oasis Games is Hidden Dragon: Legend, a promising looking 2.5D action platformer with a flashy combat system. The game’s been built using Unreal Engine 4, and while it looks a little bit muddy visually, the...

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    Review Dying: Reborn

    Tonight, Mathew

    Dying: Reborn's one of those games that, as a reviewer, makes you feel a bit rubbish. It's not a good game – in fact, it's pretty bloody bad – but you can tell that a tiny studio has tried its very best to make something cool. Also available on PlayStation VR and the Vita (either individually or as part of a three game bundle),...

  • Video Aiming Down the Sights in Pixel Gear on PS4

    Oh, shoot

    Oasis Games has been one of the biggest supporters of PlayStation VR thus far, bringing a variety of titles from China to these shores. Pixel Gear is another in a long line of experimental releases, and is arguably the simplest. It basically sees you assume the role of a gunman from a static position, picking off approaching...

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    Review Weeping Doll

    Tears for fears

    As a dark comedy, Weeping Doll would be just about the most amusing game on PlayStation VR right now – and that's high praise considering that the platform already plays host to the genuinely hilarious Job Simulator and Headmaster. But somehow we don't think that Chinese outfit TianShe Media had funnies in mind when it made this...

  • Video Weeping Doll Has the Worst Voice Acting on PS4

    Cry baby

    Lara Croft is no longer the worst voiced character on PlayStation 4; that Golden Raspberry's been scooped up by Artong [No idea how you spell that one – Ed] in Weeping Doll, a new PlayStation VR horror game launched this week. This is very much a game in the same vein as P.T. or Layers of Fear, but the dialogue kills any sense of...

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    Review KOI

    A missed oppor-tuna-ty

    With the introduction of consoles to China comes a new market of consumers and drastically increased marketing opportunities, but also a bigger development pool. KOI's claim to fame, then, is that it's the first Chinese-developed game to be published in the West for PlayStation 4. It perhaps fits that a country often...

  • News China's First PS4 Game Seems Rather Relaxing

    No need to be Koi

    These days, there's a game for just about every occasion. Whether you're up for blasting evil aliens or solving quirky puzzles, the PlayStation 4's library has a lot of variety - and the flood of new digital titles just never seems to end. China's getting in on the action now, too, with Tianjin based developer Oasis Games bringing...