We quite liked virtual reality soccer sim VRFC recently, but we couldn’t help but think that good ol’ gridiron would be a better fit for PlayStation VR. Fortunately, the folks at Truant Pixel got the memo, as it’s lining up 2MD: VR Football for release on Sony’s headset this Spring. Are you ready to become virtual Tom Brady?

As its name suggests, the title focuses on two-minute drills, wherein you play the quarterback tasked with stealing victory as the clock ticks down. You’ll be able to draw the plays, throw the ball, or even hand-off to your running back. Have you got what it takes to score that all-important touchdown before the clock hits zero?

Interestingly, you can even audible to your team mates, using either button commands or speech recognition. There are multiple stadiums, bonus arcade minigames, and a Platinum Trophy to collect. It seems like a cool little concept, and if the defence AI is as smart as the developer claims, it’s going to be fun executing these two-minute drills in virtual reality.

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