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  • Review Telefrag VR - A Slight But Slick PSVR Arena Shooter

    Quake-ing in our boots

    When a shooter is at its best, everything just feels right. Controls are snappy, shooting is satisfying, the environments are fun, and getting a “frag” is appropriately rewarding. Keep each of these elements in mind, and then toss PlayStation VR into the mix, and that’s how it feels to dive into Telefrag VR. Telefrag VR...

  • Review Detached (PS4)

    We are go for launch

    Virtual reality is at its best when it puts players in places that might otherwise not be attainable: space exploration, fantasy worlds – the possibilities are near infinite. And Anshar Studios Detached is one of those aforementioned space exploration games. Not only that, but it’s a good one, which are a bit harder to...