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  • Hands On Windlands 2 Adds Co-Op, Weapons to Virtual Reality Platformer

    Second wind

    We rather liked the original Windlands on PlayStation VR. The satisfying movement and exhilarating sense of speed and altitude made for one of virtual reality's early successes -- at least, if you had the stomach for it. This holds true for Windlands 2, but the sequel isn't just reuniting you with a pair of grappling hooks and calling it...

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    Review Crystal Rift

    Null and void

    Dungeon crawlers are a popular genre of games these days and there are plenty to experience on the PlayStation 4: The Binding of Isaac, Rogue Legacy, and Spelunky to name a few. However, none of these are as unique in style as Crystal Rift, which takes a very old-school approach to the experience. You control your adventurer from a...

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    Review Windlands

    Swing king

    The ability to amplify the emotional and physical reactions you have while playing a video game lies at the heart of what makes virtual reality so promising. In Windlands, a newly released first-person platformer, you'll be throwing yourself into the void as you grapple around a ruined civilisation high up in the sky, and it's safe to say...