UploadVR's E3 2019 Showcase has just gotten underway, but we can already tell you about one of its more notable announcements. Vertigo Games, the team behind Arizona Sunshine, is developing a new title for PlayStation VR named After The Fall.

It comes with lofty ambitions too, because the experience pitches itself as a shared-world FPS similar to the likes of Destiny and The Division 2. It's coming in 2020, and will come packaged with "a cinematic and atmospheric campaign", single and multiplayer action, and here's the big one - an entire endgame built from the ground up specifically for VR.

"Set in the post-apocalyptic, ice-covered ruins of an alternate 1980s Los Angeles, After the Fall pits up to four players against a vast, hostile world in a raging fight for control of the city and the survival of humanity."

You can register for beta access via this link, but what are your initial impressions? Would you play something like a Destiny 2 while wearing a PSVR headset the entire time? Loot and shoot in the comments below.