Everybody's Golf VR PS4 PlayStation VR 1

Crikey, the upcoming slate of PlayStation VR software looks utterly superb, doesn’t it? We can’t wait for the likes of Iron Man VR and Blood & Truth, but there’s another Sony published title that we’re itching to play. That is, of course, Everybody’s Golf VR – an adaptation of one of PlayStation’s most popular and longest running franchises.

You’ll be able to play with either a single PlayStation Move motion controller or a DualShock 4. Unlike previous instalments, however, it looks like you’ll play this version from a first-person perspective, and we’re guessing the click-click-click gameplay of yore has been replaced by something more physical.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, though, associate producer Reina Araki alludes to the gameplay remaining as accessible as its non-VR counterparts. “We didn’t want to make it a simulator, but instead something that players could easily enjoy,” she explained.

One neat touch is that you’ll be able to interact with your caddies while out on the course, and we can certainly imagine how PSVR will help you to build a stronger bond with your bag carrier. The title’s due out on 21st May, so it’s part of this all-new wave of excellent looking virtual reality software – you can find a full list of upcoming PSVR games through the link.

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