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When we talk about PlayStation VR, there are a handful of games that usually come up as the best virtual reality experiences. There's absolutely no question that Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Beat Saber, and Tetris Effect, to name but a few, are top notch PSVR titles, but there's more to enjoy on the system than you might think. With hundreds of available games, you'd be forgiven for missing out on a few hidden gems. We'd like to highlight five PSVR games that are rarely mentioned, but totally worth your time.

The Lost Bear PS4 PSVR PlayStation VR

The Lost Bear

This is a single player, 2D puzzle platformer where you take control of a little boy on a quest to retrieve his teddy bear from a spider that stole it. What makes this VR game stand out from others is the third person perspective, where you view all the events from a theatre chair, seeing all the events unfolding on stage. The curtains draw back to reveal the game's very unique art style through its layered environments -- it's really easy on the eye. The theatre in which you sit throughout the game will change as the story unwinds in front of you. It's even cleverly integrated into some of the puzzle solutions. The Lost Bear may be short-lived with only an hour of gameplay, but it's a charmingly calm and relaxing experience that every PSVR player should give a go.

How We Soar PS4 PSVR PlayStation VR

How We Soar

How We Soar is a wonderfully crafted virtual reality title, with calming gameplay and visually stunning environments. You sit on the back of a paper bird flying through pop-up story books exploring various landscapes, such as space, castles, the sea, and more. Holding its reins allow you to control the direction you fly as you'll be diving and soaring to navigate your way through rings while also avoiding the unfolding pages in front of you. The paper environments are really aesthetically pleasing, as they colour in as you fly by on your feathered friend.

Statik PS4 PSVR PlayStation VR


Maybe not the most overlooked game on this list, but it's certainly one that didn't receive the recognition it deserved when released. Statik is a puzzle game which can only be described as a love child of Portal, The Witness, and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes; yes, it's one weirdly funky child. Similarly to Portal, you have been captured in a scientific facility, and are strapped to a chair with a box locking both your hands together. Your captor is testing your ability to solve puzzles and escape his grasp. Using the DualShock 4, you must complete the puzzles on the outside of this box, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes style, and even using the environment around you for hints just like The Witness. It's a really ingeniously designed game and doesn't deserve to be overlooked.

Arca's Path PS4 PSVR PlayStation VR

Arca's Path

Arca's Path brings a very unique experience to virtual reality in the form of rolling a marble from A to B, solving very simple button and moving platform puzzles along the way. Although that might sound very dull, the abstract visuals and soothing music create a very atmospheric environment for the mundane task to be completed in, and ultimately makes the whole experience a joy to play. The intuitive control scheme of using just your head to roll the marble around is a fresh experiment that has paid off. It allows the game to be very accessible and different to anything else we've played on PSVR.

Werewolves Within PS4 PSVR PlayStation VR

Werewolves Within

The only multiplayer game to feature on this list, Werewolves Within is an adaptation of a board game which pits you against a bunch of other strangers online. You must all try to rid the town of the werewolf or, if you're the werewolf, try to kill off a villager. You're all sat round in a circle and are able to talk freely to each other. Everyone is assigned a role and must then discuss and decide who to vote to kill. Various roles have special abilities that allow sight of others' roles, so games end up consisting of lots of lying, deceit, trickery, arguing, and shouting, but it can be excellent fun with a few friends. It's so satisfying fooling everyone to vote for an innocent villager and getting away with being the werewolf.

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What are some of your favourite PlayStation VR games that don't get the attention they deserve? Have you played and enjoyed any of the games on this list? Pop on your headset in the comments below.