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We all like hearing some behind the scenes bits and bobs when it comes to video games, right? The recent God of War documentary, Raising Kratos, has been very well received -- it's always nice to get a peek behind the curtain. A PlayStation Blog post isn't quite on the same level, but we'll take what we can get. The creative director behind PSVR hit Astro Bot Rescue Mission Nicolas Doucet has today written about how his studio, Asobi Team, goes about designing its games.

It's quite an interesting read, too. It appears that everyone gets the chance to put their ideas forward, and everything is displayed with multi-coloured sticky notes. Doucet explains that every idea is kept, as they could lead to a better experience: "We never discard any idea. Because an idea that sounds ridiculous today could well be relevant tomorrow or become the springboard of something better."

An idea from one of these notes was for a boss encounter in which you need to hit its teeth. "I clearly remember one of our designers drawing a huge gaping mouth with teeth you had to punch loose. A few discussions later, we added the hook shot and we had something we could take to the next level," Doucet says.

He also claims the gorilla was originally a dragon before it was changed "to be more in phase with our city theme," and that the top of the skyscraper where the fight takes place is based on the design of the original PlayStation console. We certainly missed that when we played. Be sure to give the full blog post a read if you've any interest in game design, or Astro Bot in general.