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Sony’s already confirmed that PlayStation VR will work with PlayStation 5, and it sounds like it’ll be continuing to push the peripheral heavily as it moves into the next generation. Speaking at Collision 2019 in Toronto earlier this week, Dominic Mallinson who’s the senior vice president of R&D at the Japanese giant explained that he’s very satisfied with the firm’s position as the marker leader of high-end virtual reality – but feels that there’s much more for the company to achieve.

“We’re very happy with those numbers and very happy with the position,” he beamed. “But we know we can do better. There are over 96 million PS4s in the market today. And every single one of those is capable of delivering a great VR experience. So we’d like to convert many, many more of those people to be PSVR users. And we won’t just stop with PS4.”

It’s a timely reminder that the company will continue to invest in PSVR moving into the PS5 era, and later in his speech Mallinson outlined some of the things he expects to see from the next round of virtual reality headsets. While nothing’s been announced at this stage, it sounds certain to us that some kind of PSVR2 device is in development behind-the-scenes, and with the promise of better resolution and potentially even wireless support, we’re itching to get our eyes on it.