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Last week’s trailer for Iron Man VR did not paint the game in the best possible light, but as soon as we learned that it’s a collaboration between Sony and Marvel Games – the same fruitful partnership which ultimately resulted in last year’s Marvel’s Spider-Man – we knew that all would be okay. And as some hands on impressions spill out of the United States, we’re feeling more confident than ever.

Speaking with Kotaku, developer Camouflaj’s Ryan Payton explained: “We’re not making a rail-shooter. We’re not making an amusement park game. We’re not making a short demo or an experimental Iron Man ‘experience’. We’re making a full game with a deep sandbox, with a deep story with plenty of great missions and great cinematics.”

According to previews, you play the game using two PlayStation Move controllers. In order to propel yourself upwards, you point the motion wands at the ground and then pull the triggers. Obviously in order to fly and attack then you’re going to need to use a combination of each hand, with one pointed behind you in order to accelerate you forwards, and the other aiming at enemies.

To get you up to speed, there’s a practice area set around Tony Stark’s Malibu Mansion, but the main mission shown to press sees you leaping out of a plane, blasting foes out of the sky, then bending its wings back into shape. It looks and sounds superb, with Payton citing Resident Evil 7’s outstanding PlayStation VR mode as an inspiration. Hype!

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