One of PlayStation VR's best kept secrets is The Persistence, a roguelike horror experience that we're big fans of here at Push Square. The developer, Firesprite, has been doing an admirable job of keeping it fresh too, dropping a big, free update a few months back that brought new modes and options to the title. It seems the studio is at it again, as it's just announced The Persistence: Complete Edition, another complimentary game update due this summer.

The Complete Edition makes it so the game can be played on a regular display for those that don't have PSVR, or who prefer to play on a flat screen. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Firesprite has reworked its sci-fi roguelike to fit on standard televisions. It sounds like an impressive conversion; PS4 Pro owners can look forward to 4K at 60 frames per second, while the game will run similarly well on a standard PS4 at "just" 1080p. The camera, controls, and general presentation have all had a facelift for the non-VR version. It sounds pretty comprehensive, although we do wonder if some of the atmosphere found in virtual reality will be lost in translation.

Will you be trying out The Persistence: Complete Edition's non-VR mode when the update arrives? Look behind you in the comments below.