We don't really want to imagine what Skyrim VR smells like - it looks like it stinks, let's be honest - but what if you could get your nose involved in the virtual reality experience? Moreover, would feeling the wind in your face or mist from a waterfall deepen your immersion? These multisensory experiences are what the Feelreal VR Mask hopes to achieve.

Compatible with PlayStation VR, the Feelreal mask is a device that magnetises to the bottom of the headset in front of your face. It has a bunch of gizmos built in that, in theory, will allow the player to feel even closer to what they're seeing in virtual reality. It's capable of creating aromas, blowing warm or cold air, producing moisture, and providing force feedback -- all in service of enhancing the experience.

It sounds interesting, and you can get an idea of how it works in the above video, but it doesn't mean an awful lot unless the software is there to support it. There are a few PSVR games that will let you take advantage of the Feelreal mask; Arizona Sunshine, Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams, Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR, Beat Saber, and the aforementioned Skyrim VR are all compatible.

The catch seems to be that you have to fork out for the aroma sets if you want the full experience. Custom scent kits for these games are going for $49.99. With the mask itself retailing for $299, it all seems very pricey. Still, it's a really interesting bit of tech; if it works as advertised and isn't too fiddly to use, it could be a decent companion for VR diehards. You can read more on its Kickstarter page, if you're interested. What do you think of Feelreel VR Mask? Is it something you'd make use of with PSVR? Sniff out some comments below.

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