Doctor Who has had a pretty rocky relationship with video games. The most recent on PlayStation was 2011's Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, and it was a pretty big disappointment. However, with refreshed interest in the storied sci-fi series, mostly thanks to Jodie Whittaker, it makes sense to revisit the idea. Doctor Who: The Edge of Time has been announced, and it's landing on PlayStation VR later this year.

Starring the aforementioned actress in the titular role, The Edge of Time will have players wield the Sonic Screwdriver and fly the TARDIS to solve puzzles, fend off hostile aliens, and travel to worlds across space and time. "The Doctor has been hurled through time to the end of the universe," reads the press release. "A virus that threatens to rip apart reality itself has been unleashed. Players can pilot the TARDIS on a journey across worlds both familiar and strange to recover a series of powerful time crystals that can repair spacetime and ultimately, save the universe itself."

It sure sounds like Doctor Who. A virtual reality title seems like a good fit for the franchise, and stepping into the TARDIS in PSVR will no doubt be a real thrill for fans. It's landing on Earth in September 2019. Will you be joining the time lord on this virtual adventure? Do you like the sound of a VR Doctor Who game? Time to leave us a comment below.