VR is all well and good these days, but have you ever tried Virtual Virtual Reality? Nor have we. It's a surreal game that's just arrived on PlayStation VR, and it seems to be all about putting on VR headsets within VR that take you to weird and wonderful worlds.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, it's described by co-director Samantha Gorman as a "darkly comedic and surrealist sci-fi adventure," which sounds about right to us. "In the near future, AI may have taken our jobs, but no hard feelings — we humans are kept as cherished pets, beloved by AI for our quirky, inefficient ways," Gorman writes. It's hard to decipher exactly how it plays, but it seems that you'll have access to a wide variety of scenes to explore. It also looks like you can "vacuum up reality with your Activitude Brand Poly Cleanup Tool," whatever that means.

The game is out now in North America. What do you think of Virtual Virtual Reality? Will you be checking out this bizarre PSVR title? Pop your headset on in the comments below.

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