Ever wondered what the maker of cult classic Another World is up to these days? Eric Chahi's adventure game was rereleased on PS4 a while back, but for the last few years, he and his team at Pixel Reef have been hard at work on something totally new. Announced over on the PlayStation Blog, Paper Beast is the creative director's latest effort, and it's coming to PSVR later this year, with a regular PS4 version to follow in 2020.

Like Another World, this new game takes place in an unusual sci-fi world with no dialogue whatsoever. The name refers to the variety of wildlife you'll find across the environment, with all sorts of papercraft flora and fauna living together in a "complete ecosystem". It's not entirely clear how you'll be interacting with the world or its inhabitants, but you'll apparently "form delicate bonds" with the creatures as you explore the world and discover new things.

You can get a vague idea of what to expect from the above trailer. It certainly looks different, and in virtual reality, it could be a very atmospheric experience. Hopefully we'll learn more about how it plays in the lead up to release. What do you think of Paper Beast? Write down your thoughts in the comments below.

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