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  • Guide All VRR Optimised Games for PS5

    PS5 games enhanced with VRR

    What are all VRR optimised games for PS5? Variable Refresh Rate is a feature for PlayStation 5 that works in tandem with compatible televisions to smooth out performance hiccups that can occur in games. You'll be able to apply this technology to all of your games by enabling a toggle in your system's settings. However,...

  • News Just an FYI, PS5 VRR Doesn't Work on PS4 Games

    New-gen only

    Put your pitchforks down, because Sony has been reasonably clear that PlayStation 5’s new VRR feature will only work with new-gen titles, but now we have real-world evidence confirming that’s the case. With the functionality rolling out this week, people have been putting it through its paces, and, just to confirm, it doesn’t work...