Persona 5 Royal New Semester Endgame Unlock Requirements

How do you unlock the third semester in Persona 5 Royal? How do you access the new endgame? As you may already know, Persona 5 Royal adds an entirely new semester that occurs after the events of the main story, but before the ending of the original Persona 5.

However, in order to actually get to this new semester, there's one specific requirement that you must fulfil.

Please note that if you want to unlock the true good ending for Persona 5 Royal, you need to fulfil a couple of other requirements alongside this one. If you want more information (spoiler-free) on how to do that, be sure to check out our Persona 5 Royal True Ending Guide.

This guide does not contain any direct story spoilers.

Persona 5 Royal - How to unlock the third semester endgame

As mentioned, there is just one requirement that you need to meet in order to access the third semester:

  • Reach Rank 9 of the new Councillor Arcana before November 18th in-game

You increase the Councillor Arcana rank by spending time with Doctor Maruki, a new character in Persona 5 Royal. He's introduced a few months into the story, so you have plenty of time reach Rank 9. Note that visiting him while holding a persona of the Councillor Arcana will increase the rate at which the confidant rank increases.

You can find Doctor Maruki on some school days on the ground floor of the training building.

You'll no longer be able to visit Doctor Maruki from the 18th November. On that day, if you have reached Rank 9 with him, it will automatically increase to Rank 10.

If you do not reach Rank 9, the game will continue through to the original endings of Persona 5, and you will not be able to access the third semester.

Again, you only need Rank 9 in the Councillor Arcana to unlock the new semester, but if you want to get the true good ending in Persona 5 Royal, there are other requirements that you need to fulfil alongside this one. Please refer to our Persona 5 Royal True Ending Guide for more (spoiler-free) information.

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