Looking for the best Bail Office to buy and how to make money with bounties in GTA Online? The Bail Office is a new business added to Los Santos as part of the Bottom Dollar Bounties expansion. This add-on will see you working alongside Maude Eccles and her progeny Jenette, as you work to track and take down degenerates, with dollar bills serving as your primary motivation. On this page, as part of our GTA Online guide, we're going to reveal the best Bail Office to buy and how to make money with bounties.

What's the Best Bail Office to Buy in GTA Online?

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If you're not sure How to Start Bottom Dollar Bounties, then we'd recommend reading up on our guide for more information. If, however, you've already completed that stage, then you'll want to know what's the best Bail Office to buy in order to get your business off the ground.

As always, you'll want to visit Foreclosures Maze Bank from your smartphone's Internet browser; you'll find it under the Money And Services tab on Eyefind, or via the following URL: www.foreclosures.maze-bank.com. There are a total of 5 Bail Offices available to buy.

  • Paleto Bay: GTA$1,650,000
    Some people find business in Paleto Bay to be isolating and outdated. But those people are lacking vision. Take this property for example: a lick of paint, a slick new sign, and you'll be making bank like it's late 2007.
  • Downtown Vinewood: GTA$2,620,000
    You're probably wondering how we can afford to list such a competitive price in Downtown Vinewood. And that's understandable. But our website's strict character limit means we don't have the space to explain. Instead, rest assured when we say this retail property is a golden opportunity to be creative, optimistic, forward-thinking, and wholly ignorant of the recent past.
  • Del Porro: $2,350,000
    An exquisite piece of prime Del Porro real estate. Once we had the trust fund kid posing as a tantra guru removed for breaking the conditions of his bail, and the popup yoga shala dismantled, the space scrubbed up beautifully. There is a lingering smell of Palo Santo and cultural appropriation but that's a small price to pay for such a unique real estate opportunity.
  • Mission Row: $2,390,000
    This striking city center property has been flooded with interest since its first listing. Please bear with us while we respond to the questions. FAQs include "What's that smell?" "Who's that jimmying the window?" and "Was this a crack den?" to which we say, would Maze Bank Foreclosures, Four Time Tip Em & Flip Em Award Winners, really sell you a crack den?
  • Davis: $2,000,000
    Our market analysts inform us that this prime piece of real estate has fabulous potential as a bail enforcement office, and we could not agree more. With the Davis community's strong reputation for the sudden and final resolution of long-standing conflicts, your activities are going to be some of the least prosecutable on the block.
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As is often the case in GTA Online, we'd recommend buying a central, downtown Bail Office, despite the properties commanding a premium in this part of Los Santos. The reason is that you'll likely want to cluster your businesses together, and so depending on where your Arcade, Chop Shop, Auto Shop, MC Club, Office, and others are, you'll want to pick somewhere nearby. Personally, we went for Mission Row, but you can't really go wrong with any of the locations aside from Paleto Bay.

What Are the Best Customisations to Buy for the Bail Office in GTA Online?

As is the case for all businesses in GTA Online, a number of customisations are available to purchase for the Bail Office alongside the business itself. Some of these are purely cosmetic, like the décor style, so we'll ignore that for the purposes of this guide. However, other customisations bring gameplay improvements, which we'll outline below.

Are the Bail Office Agents Worth Buying?

Agents add passive income to the Bail Office, with a significant buy-in of GTA$750,000 apiece. You can have up to two Agents, and they'll add money to your business' safe when sent out to work. However, you need to manually dispatch them each time, and with rewards topping out at around GTA$5,800 per dispatch, you'll need to be using your Agents a lot in order to make back your money. It's worth noting, though, that Agents will also speed up the time it takes to process bounties in your containment cell, so you may find inherent value here.

Is the Bail Office Personal Quarters Worth Buying?

As with most Personal Quarters in GTA Online, adding a bedroom to your Bail Office enables you to change your outfit, rest, and respawn within your new property. It only costs GTA$295,000, so may be worth buying for the convenience. It's up to you, though.

Is the Bail Office Gun Locker Worth Buying?

At just GTA$175,000, the Gun Locker's a pretty cheap and cheerful enhancement for your Bail Office. It allows you to edit your loadouts and modify your weapons. However, if you already own one of these in one of your other properties, it's unlikely to be worth coughing up the cash again — especially as you're unlikely to be changing your weapons much.

Is the Bail Office Armor Plating Worth Buying?

Bounty missions require you to transport a target using a modified Declasse Transporter. Seeing as you're likely to get hunted down by gangs with very aggressive weaponry, we'd recommend coughing up the GTA$125,000 for Armor Plating just to improve your overall defense.

How Do You Make Money with Bounties in GTA Online?

Unlike other businesses in GTA Online, making money with bounties is relatively straightforward. Once you login to the Bail Enforcement System from your Bail Office's computer, you'll be presented with four targets. The blue targets, or Standard Bounty Targets, rotate every real-life hour and pay up to about GTA$40,000. The red targets, or Most Wanted Targets, rotate every 24 real-life hours and pay up to about GTA$150,000.

To maximise your income with bounties, you'll want to detain your targets rather than eliminating them. However, you will still make some money if you do make a mistake and kill your target. We'd recommend aiming for the legs if you're looking to detain your target; once you've issued enough damage, they'll slump to their knees, enabling you to arrest them. You could also try using the Stun Gun.

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Regardless of whether you kill or detain your target, your income will need to be processed, although hiring Agents can speed this up. You can also dispatch your Agents from your Bail Office to earn passive income for you, which will be deposited in your business' safe.

One small tip we'll share for bounty targets is you don't actually have to use the Declasse Transporter to travel to your target. In order to save time, you can use your quicker personal vehicle to reach the location of the bounty, and then once you've detained your target, the Declasse Transporter will automatically spawn at your location. You'll need to use this vehicle to transport your human cargo back to base.

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