Looking for all Camp locations in Stellar Blade? Camps are a recurring utility throughout all levels in Shift Up's outing, where you can rest to replenish health, purchase key items, and spend your skill points. Supply Camps include other modules, including a Repair Console where you can upgrade your equipment and craft Outfits, as well as a phone box for fast travel. On this page, as part of our Stellar Blade guide, we're going to reveal all Camp locations.

Where Are All Camp Locations in Stellar Blade?

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There are a total of 89 Camps to discover in Stellar Blade, including standard Camps and Supply Camps. For the purposes of this guide, we've listed out the locations of all Camps in the linear levels like Eidos 7 and Matrix 11, while we've included a completed map screenshot of all Camps for the sandbox stages like the Wasteland and Great Desert. You should have activated 87 Camps by the end of Spire 4, and you'll find the final two Camps during the concluding missions. Do be aware of the Point of No Return if you're planning to find all Camp locations.

All Eidos 7 Camp Locations

All Wasteland Camp Locations

All Altess Levoire Camp Locations

All Matrix 11 Camp Locations

All Great Desert Camp Locations

All Abyss Levoire Camp Locations

All Eidos 9 Camp Locations

All Spire 4 Camp Locations

What's the Difference Between a Camp and a Supply Camp in Stellar Blade?

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You'll find two types of Camps in Stellar Blade: Camps and Supply Camps. Functionally, these are largely identical. They both need to be activated with Vitcoins and allow you to rest to save the game. They all also include a vending machine where you can buy supplies and a Skill Settings console for upgrading Eve. The big difference is that Supply Camps also include a phone booth for fast travel and a Repair Console, which can be used to craft Outfits and other upgrades, like enhanced Exospines.

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