Stellar Blade is Korean developer Shift Up's console debut, focusing on buxom heroine Eve in her battle against the nefarious Naytibas. Available from 26th April 2024 on PS5, we awarded the outing an 8/10 in our Stellar Blade review. "Eve’s inaugural outing is largely excellent across the board, and destined to become a firm favourite among PS5 enthusiasts," we concluded.

In this Stellar Blade guide, we've included a full walkthrough of all the areas and environments which will ensure you don't miss any of the game's secrets. We've also included various puzzle solutions, a guide to unlocking all the endings, and detailed information on the release's point of no return.

Please note, while efforts have been ensured to preserve spoilers in this guide, the nature of its content means you should proceed cautiously.

Stellar Blade Guide: A Full 100% Walkthrough

Stellar Blade Guide: A Full 100% Walkthrough 1
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Eve's battle against the Naytibas takes place across several different environments, which we've outlined in full for our walkthrough. This part of our Stellar Blade guide focuses on directing you to all of the title's secrets, resources, and collectibles, so you won't miss anything during your playthrough.


Want to log your progress through Eve's adventure? Eager to unlock all of the game's endings? The next section of our Stellar Blade guide includes a full list of quests and outlines how to obtain all of the different story endings.


There's no shame in getting stuck! Eve's not only up against some aggressive enemies, but some sharp thinkers, too. This part of our Stellar Blade guide includes several puzzle solutions, just in case you need a little helping hand.


No game is complete without a set of collectibles to discover, and Eve has plenty of in-game tat to accumulate as part of her adventure. For this section of our Stellar Blade guide, we'll be focusing on the collectible cans you can find around the world.

Equipment and Resources

If you're going to save the world, you may as well look the part with cutting-edge apparatus, and Eve has her fair share of outfits to wear. In addition to costumes, she can also be enhanced with Exospines and other gear. This part of our Stellar Blade guide focuses on equipment and resources.


No game is complete without some light RPG elements these days, and there are a few ways you can optimise Eve's combat prowess to suit your tastes. For this part of our Stellar Blade guide, we'll be recommending a few ways to best utilise your equipment, based on a variety of different play styles.


It's a truth universally acknowledged that no action RPG is complete without a fishing minigame, and Eve's inaugural outing is no different. This section of our Stellar Blade guide focuses on how to become the best possible post-apocalyptic angler.


While this Stellar Blade guide is undoubtedly comprehensive, you probably have a few outstanding questions. Fortunately, we have a section for that, too. Below you'll find a bunch of FAQs, along with clear and concise conclusions.

That concludes our comprehensive Stellar Blade guide! We sincerely hope this has helped you rid the world of nefarious Naytibas, and hopefully you've done it in style, too! If you still have any remaining questions about the game, please let us know in the comments section below. And stay tuned for future updates, as we add more and more content to our walkthrough and more.