The Delvers' Trove is an Errand in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores. It will activate after collecting all Delvers' Trinkets. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about The Delvers' Trove.

The Delvers' Trove: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores: The Delvers' Trove 1
The Delvers' Trove automatically begins once you have collected all the Delvers' Trinkets collectables. — Image: Push Square
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Errand Aloy has pieced together a set of directions left by a failed Oseram expedition. Following the clues might allow her to unearth their trove.


The Delvers' Trove: Walkthrough

After collecting all Delvers' Trinkets, this Errand Quest will trigger automatically. As you may have noticed, each of the collectables comes with a clue. Put all the clues together and you get some directions to the titular trove. The directions can be found in the Objective Log below.

To begin with, travel to the location on the above map, known as Delvers' Camp. Fortunately, is also a Shelter, so fast travel here if you've discovered it already.

Once there, look east and you'll see a large cliff you need to climb. At the top, continue east and you'll come to a river flowing down to the sea.

Follow it, and at the end are two palm trees. Stand between them facing north, then go 20 paces in that direction. Turn and go east through the water and onto the beach on the other side. You'll see a spot marked with two logs, forming an 'X'.

Approach it and press Triangle to dig up the treasure. Pry open the chest to receive 15 Brimshine and other valuable goodies. Errand complete!

Objective Log

  • Follow the Delvers' Directions
    • On the east edge of the isle, at our camp you shall begin.
    • Turn your gaze to the cliff
    • And ascend to its crest, where you shall find
    • A place to think and take a drink.
    • Follow where it runs to where waters meet
    • Then between twin palms must you stand.
    • Walk 20 paces north, then turn once more
    • And on towards where the sun rises from the shore.
    • Cross the water till boots again touch sand
    • And at last find our treasured prize
    • Between two patches of grass, red as blood
    • Hidden from all prying eyes.
  • Gather the Delvers' Trove

The Delvers' Trove: Rewards

  • 14,625 XP
  • 3 Skill Points

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