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Poll: How Many PS3 Games Do You Hope to Finish Before Fully Focusing on PS4?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Old but gold

Sony may be days away from ushering in a new generation, but the PlayStation 3 is not going to disappear overnight. The platform holder revealed that its existing system surpassed 80 million sales globally this week, and we’re sure that it intends to add at least another 20 million units to that tally before it pulls the plug on the platform for good. But while the manufacturer moves to make the machine more attractive to a more mainstream audience, is there anything in particular that you’re still itching to play on the ageing device?

It’s been an incredible year for the soon to be former flagship format. With publishers working hard to deploy the last of their current generation wares, the past eleven months have played host to amazing third-party titles such as Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite, and Grand Theft Auto V. Even more impressively, the platform holder has shown no signs of slowing down its first-party production pipeline, with The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, and Puppeteer all launching within an outstanding six month spell.

And it’s not entirely over. While there’s no doubt that outfits such as Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica are now turning their attention to the next generation, Polyphony Digital is still set to park the enormous Gran Turismo 6 on the current-gen console next month. Furthermore, the list of third-party hits stretches into next year, with Dark Souls 2, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and the surprisingly slick looking Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII all on the way.

Still, it’s the bulging back catalogue that’s destined to keep this particular author occupied throughout the coming holiday window. Killzone: Shadow Fall may be beckoning with maniacal orange eyes, but it’s unopened copies of everything from Far Cry 3 right through to Hitman: Absolution that sit atop this editor’s pile of shame. We’re sure that you have a similar stack of sealed content to go through – be it of the physical kind, or of the backlog boosting, bandwidth busting PlayStation Plus nature.

The big question is: what are you desperate to get through before you unplug your current generation console for the last time? Following on from yesterday’s launch day poll, we want to know your future plans for the PS3. How long do you intend to keep the system in your entertainment centre? Are there any upcoming titles that you’re especially looking forward to on the existing machine? How big is your backlog, and what are you most eager to play over the coming weeks? Remain relevant, and interact with our survey embedded below.

Do you intend to use your PS3 alongside your PS4? (66 votes)

I’m buying the next-gen console at launch, but I will still use my PS3


Unfortunately, I need to sell my PS3 in order to afford a PS4


I’m not purchasing a PS4 because there’s still so much I want to play on PS3


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How many upcoming retail titles do you expect to buy on PS3? (71 votes)

None, I’ll just be focusing on my back catalogue from here on out


There are one or two games that I’m looking forward to over the coming months


I still aim to buy three or more upcoming titles on the current generation console


It really depends on what else is announced for the system


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How big is your boxed game PS3 backlog right now? (71 votes)

I’m on top of everything and just replaying old games at this point


There are still one or two titles that I haven’t started yet


Honestly, I have around three to ten titles sealed on my shelf


Incredibly, there are more than 11 games that I need to play


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User Comments (48)



InsertNameHere said:

I just recently bought Ni no Kuni and Arkham Origins, but my DualShocks are both broken, so I've yet to start either one.

Then there are upcoming games like R&C Into the Nexus, Dragonball Z: Battle of Z, Lightning Returns and a few others. So my PS3 will still be seeing a lot of me, even after I buy my PS4.



get2sammyb said:

@Cloud7794 Haha, it's not quite that bad. There are some weird games I still want to play. For example, I really want to play 007 Legends. I know it's not very good, but I'm a big James Bond fan, and I'm desperate to play through it. Also, Ni No Kuni is on my list, Rayman Legends, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Street Fighter X Tekken. I think my main targets are going to be Assassin's Creed III, Far Cry 3, and Tomb Raider this Christmas, though. I'm so excited for Tomb Raider - I've only played like 30 minutes of it, but it's right up my alley.



ferrers405 said:

I don't have time, i bought Rayman Legends, Ni no Kuni, Puppeteer, Last of Us and now R&C Nexus (pre-order), Pokemon Y is killing me, I can't stop playing (I'm quite addicted now).



belmont said:

There are a lot of games I want to buy on PS3 in the coming months. Tales of Xillia 2, Tales of Symphonia HD, Final Fantasy 10+10-2 HD, Lightning Returns, Lords of Shadow 2, the next two Atelier games, the next Blazblue game...



rjejr said:

I'm so behind on games I want to play it's possible I'll never get around to owning a PS4. Fortunately I have 2 sons who will probably want it at some point so I'll just wait for them to decide to get one. It's only fair, I bought a Wii U w/ my birthday money and they play on it alot more than I do.

Games I'm working on - Arc Rise Fanataisa (wait, is that a Wii game, hope my save transferred over), Metroid: Other M (haven't started this one yet) Darksiders 2 (2nd world), Rainbow Moon (final cellar to fight the final boss I think) J&D HD collection (began game 2), Lego LotR (3rd movie).

I think that's it. Excited for R&C:Nexus, really want to play KoA:R and Ni Ni Kuni,would like to try TLoU, TR and B:2S. And my Wii U need to play list of W101, Sonic, Lego Marvel, Rayman and that Mario game.

Oh yeah, I just got all 6/7 DVD seasons of the Sopranos I need to watch.

PS4 might need TLG before I play a game on it. Or BGE2.



GraveLordXD said:

Dark Souls 2 will be taking up most of my game time when it comes out to even think about the ps4 in the meantime I have a few games to keep me busy for a while



JayMiller1988 said:

I have been on a roll lately getting things done. I have 0 games right now minus ACIV which I'm getting for PS4, I'll probably have 5-10 PS4 games on my backlog before I get a PS4.



redd214 said:

None, only PS3 game I have desire to play now is GT6. Been plowing thru my back log some February. Now I'm seriously contemplating selling my PS3



ZeD said:

My PS3 is being moved into my bedroom so me and my partner can watch Netflix/Blu Rays & finish all my IGC backlog :/



Sanquine said:

All above: Ni no kuni is awesome but im 40 hours in and still no ending ( Doing a lot of side misions tho). Still need to play GTA V



Ginkgo said:

I don't have any sealed games, but I do have 4-5 that I haven't finished. I regularly play multiple games at once, same as I will read multiple books. I will push to finish a few of them. Will be selling many of my PS3 games to help fund the PS4.

@get2sammyb : you really haven't played Far Cry 3 yet? Shame on you. It is awesome. 2012 GOTY for me.



Gamer83 said:

Just need to finish Batman: Arkham Origins which I've gotten pretty far in. I should have it completed in probably the next 3 or 4 days.



EGMagnus said:

Wont be getting a ps4 for a while, rocking a brand new ps3 this christmas!



UNC5052 said:

My disc backlog on PS3 is 50+ games, not including games from Playstation Plus. I'll likely never get through it, but I am still getting PS4 day 1.



Munkyknuts said:

I still have metro: last light (£15 at asda) and Ni No Kuni boxed up waiting to play....Batman Origins is in the PS3 but not getting much attention....I have a massive digital backlog to get through and a stack of old titles that need a final DLC enhanced play through. I'm not getting a PS4 anywhere near launch (unless someone gives me an incredibly generous Xmas gift ) so I'm lucky to have so much quality content to play. I won't be buying any new games that also have a next gen incarnation as I'd rather will help to get my PS4 back log started



Matt_Berial said:

Still trying to Platinum a couple of games, i just finished Uncharted 2 completely. I think the next one might be Diablo 3.



rjejr said:

@Sanquine - I played Pikmin 3 SPOILER ALERT - fought the boss, blasted off, was annoyed there wasn't an option to continue, so I didnt. All Charlie had to ask was - do you want to leave now or we can collect more fruit first - and I would have collected it all, but I wasn't about to re-do the entire last section again.

I also played Puppeteer, that was a lot of fun, except for the "fast cut" mechanic which made it thru the entire game w/o ever really figuring it out. And NSMBU, which was like the Wii version except, well there was no except.
Sonic is in the mail, so thats next. W101 after that, then Rayman, then finsish Lego LotR so I can play Lego Marvel which 1 of the boys will be getting for Christmas. The other one will be getting SM3DW. After that, well see.

Your life really does change when you get older and have kids. you'll see



Damianc78 said:

Luckily for me I got through my last batch of games Saints Row IV, Last of Us,Kingdom of Amalur :Reckoning , Beyond Two Souls and Batman Arkham Origins . Just doing the Riddler Data trophies right now got like 40 left to figure out.



Visiblemode said:

@get2sammyb DEFINITELY play Tombraider, it's superb. Also, Farcry 3 is an awesome game, I platinumed it with pleasure, never getting sick of
it whatsoever (though honesty compels me to mention the coop missions are weak.)



Dodoo said:

@Visiblemode - I just bought Tomb Raider this morning as it was only £15 from zavvi. Looks good!

Also agree with you about Far Cry 3. One of my top 10 games this gen...

Think I have about 10 PS3 games to buy/complete before moving to PS4 sometime early next year. Plus Mario 3D Land, Wind Waker, Zelda 3DS and some Vita games, so I've got my work cut out!



rastamadeus said:

A couple of years worth. And they'll be even more seeing as half the "next gen" games will also be out on this gen consoles for the next year and a half.



charlesnarles said:

I just beat TLoU (wtf worst ending ever). Next is GTA5, then AC3, Diablo3, KZ trilogy, and finally MGR:R (free dlc!) ((also Ni No Kuni is only $20 now, gotta get it)) And then there's every Plus game for years lol there're over 60 on my hdd



Visiblemode said:

@Dodoo you're going to love Tomb Raider, especially at that price. The comparison confuses some people, because they are different in many ways but in terms of vibe, the game is like a spiritual successor to Resident Evil 4, one of my favourite games ever.

There are some overt similarities, but mainly it's the feeling the game gave me. It's hard to pay a game a higher compliment. Oh that and to say that it does third person action similarly as well as the Uncharted series.

Based on those two comparisons I'd have to say it was one of my top games of the generation.

Man, next gen is almost here and it's about time, but was this gen ever good.



RawShark said:

TLOU ending was masterful. I have zero respect for anyone who thinks otherwise.

My backlog is immense. So many games still in their wrapping. I reckon I'm pretty much good for games right up until MGS5 comes out. And then Uncharted 4 after that.

Or so I'd like to think.



FullbringIchigo said:

well I decided to not get a ps4 yet because I have too many games on the ps3 and vita to play over the next year so I think I'll wait untill ff 15 is out or at leadt metal gear solid 5

actually you know what I changed my mind if I can get a ps4 this year I will



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

The last of us, beyond two souls, uncharted 3, aliens colonial marines and metro. Plus a backlog of some older games I've had gathering dust Red dead, sleeping dogs, killzone3 and AvsP etc. I have plenty of work to do. trying to polish these off before my ps4 arrives in mid December will be haemoragic migrainetastic



odd69 said:

I was going to not get the ps4 and then decided i wanted to. The reason for not wanting it on launch day was because of my backlog on ps3. I have multiple systems and buy games dating back to the gameboy. i beat a ton of them but i still have alot of backlog. But oh man, i decided i wanted to get it at launch because the awesomeness of it all. I may wait til Christmas unless best buy still has a copy or two, they told me that they are buying plenty of extras so i may be in luck.

Awesome poll by the way,dont know why but i love to do polls and this one wasnt lacking!



CanisWolfred said:

All 40 of my PS3 games would be nice, not counting that one MMO. Dunno if I'll make it, but I'll try. Still got about 2 years until I intend to grab a PS4, though there are still plenty of PS3 games I still want, too.



charlesnarles said:

@RawShark @Visiblemode [POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT] I wasn't impressed with the anticlimactic story or the flat characters. It had some fun elements of this past gen (cod zombie cabin, etc) but there's just nothing there to grab you story-wise. I'm bummed I went digital cause I don't even feel like there's replay value for me. Multiplayer's okay (got the pass too), but boo to that big middle finger of a finale.



Visiblemode said:

@charlesnarles wow, no wrong answers, it's totally subjective, but I had the total opposite reaction to the game. I loved everything about it. To each their own though. What game stories have you enjoyed in recent years? Just out of curiousity.



IAmNotWill said:

All of my backlog is finished. I joined the PS3 party pretty late, so there are still games I want to play before my attention is focused on next gen.

My next purchases are Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection, Metal Gear Rising, Bayonetta, and that Ico Collection that came out 2 years ago. Maybe Puppeteer if I don't have anything else to play.



artemisthemp said:

PS4 have AC4, Contrast and Knack for me ATM, so I most likely will find time to play PS3 games like HDN Victory (Need to platinum it), Atelier Ayesha, Beyond Two Souls (need to platinum it) etc
Also don't forget Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs



charlesnarles said:

@Visiblemode Every MGS, FF and SH has had an ending(s) I really liked. Not many games have left me wanting to replay them the way ^those have. Diablos have also had good stories with climactic, satisfying endings. KotOR/ME have good longish stories too. It's gotta have a shocking twist or seven, and it's gotta have chars real enough to identify with someone. Gameplay is always important, but I really care about plot and character development cause otherwise it's Tetris, right? [ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT] p.s. So Joel and Ellie just wander around till they or the world dies???????? He does lie to her about the fireflies????? They coulda been doing whatever they wanted the whole time and the game woulda ended the same way????? Ahem. : )



Visiblemode said:

@charlesnarles You know, I've yet to play a MGS game...I plan on it, but catching up seems like a HUGE feat. I know it's gonna be worth it when I can find the time though.


The way I see the end is a bit different than some. Some saw Joel as a villain, selfishly trying to redeem himself for his inability to save his daughter. I see it differently:

The world has two ills. The infection and the loss of basic humanity. Curing the infection isn't enough. Ellie had more than just that in her. The same way her body resisted the infection, her mind resisted the loss of humanity that everyone else suffered from. To my mind, Joel knew that the infected could eventually be destroyed, but the spirit of life was so much harder to restore. Human goodness, even he had lost.

They were going back to live at the power station with his brother and that small community, so who knows what will happen.

My take away though is the title. It's easy to assume it means "the last uninfected humans" but to me, the title gives me goosebumps, because I believe it refers to only one person: Ellie. Ellie is the last person with humanity, something so much more valuable than the cure. She is the point of the whole game and the only thing worth protecting at all costs. She is "The Last of Us."



charlesnarles said:

@Visiblemode I like that sentiment, but I feel like it wasn't said by the game at all. It would have been wicked if there were another chapter hinting at the direction of the game world's future for the audience, instead of leaving us to come up with our own endings, which is my ultimate point; the premise is oh-kay, but they didn't put any context to it other than saying that hospital admittance was on the rise 20 years ago when whatever unnamed trigger made there be mushroom cannibal zombies for some unknown reason. It's like they watched that season of Discovery channel shows with Planet Earth and Cities After People or whatever and got visually inspired, but nobody wanted to focus on making anything about the story dynamic. Sadly, I sense a next-gen sequel to answer these begged questions, which is the biggest cop-out move of all. OMG PLAY MGS1 RTF NOW : )



Visiblemode said:

@charlesnarles I like to think of it as subtle storytelling, but I respect your opinion, for sure.

As for MGS1, next gen starts this week in Canada so, not just yet, but once things slow down, I'll try to get caught up before V comes out.

Have I told you guys lately that this is my fav gaming site? Everyone here is so sane. Never change pushsquare...never change.



Sutorcen said:

@Lelouch I didn't mean that it looks like an anime if you play it with japanese voice over. I only meant that usually it is better to watch such content in it's original language. At the end of the day though it all comes down to personal taste. I prefer to watch anime and play Japanese games with Japanese voice over, others may not like it. Either way it is a great game.

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