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Sun 14th October, 2012

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Dodoo commented on Crikey! PS4 Has Now Sold 20.2 Million Units Wo...:

@Gamer83 @AyeHaley - Agree with you guys.

MS really flipped the bird to the consumer and are now paying for it. I was an Xbox gamer (both first Xbox's) but they really alienated me with Mattrick at the helm. While they are now under better control with Phil Spencer, the damage has been done...



Dodoo commented on Sony Still Schtum on March's PlayStation Plus ...:

Still no word from Sony on this months games? They are obviously having a hard time agreeing with some dev/publisher whatever fees they pay them?!

I agree with Sammy in that Sony need to work on becoming more communicative and transparent with their business. Being kept in the dark is not what consumers like and for a company as large as Sony (with so many personnel) there should be no excuse for a lack of communication in this day and age of Twitter, Blogs, Email etc etc...



Dodoo commented on Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Continues to Look ...:

I'm starting to feel like I'd like a full refund of my Vita from Sony. It's a games console they don't support with games!

The last AAA games I bought were Tearaway and Killzone in 2013 and while indies are nice, they marketed it to me as a AAA handheld console which it definitely now isn't.

As more time goes on, the more this irritates me and looking for dregs of mostly Japanese games like this is all the hope I have and they don't interest me...



Dodoo commented on January 2015 NPD: PS4 Soars Back to US Hardwar...:

@get2sammyb I'm not sure why people keep relaying the fact that VGChartz data is so unreliable?

Yes I realise that it is not accurate to the exact figure or even within hundreds or thousands, however it still is accurate enough to give a good indication of overall sales in each region.

It is not inaccurate enough to the extent that you cannot get a good picture of sales performance and even if it is only accurate enough to be within 100,000 units of the real sales figure, you still get the same picture as if the sale were 100% accurate...



Dodoo commented on Talking Point: Has Persona 5's Gameplay Traile...:

After hearing about how brilliant Persona 4 was from literally anyone who talked about it, I couldn't wait to get tucked into it.

I played about 10-12 hours and was very disappointed. I'm not sure what I missed but just wasn't finding it very good! I loved the music and the presentation was good but apart from that it was slow and boring to me.

Maybe I needed to give it more time to kick in but I really didn't want to spend any more time trying to force myself to like it when I didn't.

My fav JRPG of recent times isn't even Japanese (Child of Light) so maybe that says something!?



Dodoo commented on Rumour: Sony Bend Was Working on an inFAMOUS T...:

@Max04 lol ;)

@flummerfelt I still think the Vita is a worthwhile purchase as there are many good AAA games in the catalogue, it's just that there is not much in the pipeline.

If you're considering it then have a look at the PSN store to see how many digital games interest you, then how many retail games. The more that you like the look of the more likely you will get better value from the machine. If you have a PS3/PS4 then also remember it can be used for remote play.

There are so many indie games on Vita which is its saving grace imo. Recently I've been playing and loving Frozen Synapse Prime, The Swapper, Machinarium, Unfinished Swan among others and they are brilliant on the move. There are so many games like this on Vita.

I'm just disappointed with the state of AAA releases which now tend to be Japanese imports. Having said that there are still lots of good retail games like Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Persona 4, MGS Collection, Tearaway etc.

I don't regret getting my Vita but I wish it had better support from Sony.



Dodoo commented on Rumour: Sony Bend Was Working on an inFAMOUS T...:

@Max04 Yeah fingers crossed E3 will come up with some nice reveals.

I think Sony owe it to Vita owners to make at least one or two more AAA titles, especially considering that was how they advertised it originally. I was holding out hope for Gravity Rush 2 but feel that might now be on PS4 instead...



Dodoo commented on Apologetic PlayStation Plus Extensions Being R...:

@Godsire- I thank them for being courteous in giving us our missed days back and because I have good manners. I mean what have you really lost? A few days playing online over Xmas, whoopie-doo! There are far more worse things going on in the world to get your knickers in a twist over such trivial things.

I've not read them but no doubt in the PS+ subscription small print it likely states that any outages caused by factors out of their control are subject to lack of reimbursement.



Dodoo commented on Review: Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings (Pl...:

@ferrers405 Totally agree. AC2 was superb. The missions in Unity are so bland in comparison. Basically all they boil down to is "go here, kill this person" and that's it. No variation.

In AC2 we dropped bombs from DaVinci's flying machine, raced downhill on horse cart and the assassinations themselves were so much more varied like the one at the fancy dress party.

If Ubisoft could get the producers etc back from AC2 then the series would be in much better hands than those in charge now.

I think I'll give the Unity DLC and this years entry a miss as franchise fatigue has kicked in for me big time.