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Sun 14th October, 2012

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Dodoo commented on Square Enix Knew Rise of the Tomb Raider's Tim...:

Amazing how companies are willing to piss off their very own fans/customers, all for the sake of some quick cash. Maybe money is the root of all evil after all!

Bad karma SE which I hope will come back and bite you on the ass...



Dodoo commented on Poll: Will You Be Buying Rise of the Tomb Raid...:

Definitely a day one as long as it's received as well as the original (reboot).

Not bothered about waiting for it either as I'm so far behind on my games as it is.

I've still not played Bloodborne, Battlefield Hardline, Witcher 3, DA Inquisition, LBP3, COD AW and Lords of the Fallen on PS4, plus countless indie games I've forgotten. Then there's my Wii U backlog and stuff on my Vita & 3DS, so Lara holding off is doing me a favour tbh...



Dodoo commented on Review: Journey (PS4):

@get2sammyb Me too.

The first time I played it I joined someone in a white cloak who guided me to the end and showed me where the secrets were.

Even though we couldn't communicate properly, I felt a strong bond between us as we took our last steps up the mountain...

Was a very unique and moving experience and well deserved of a 10/10.



Dodoo commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@Gamer83 definitely agree Ubi's game structure needs changing. Far Cry is another example with the same "liberate-outpost-to-unlock-map-and-sidequests" setup. Like you say, playing many of their different games can feel very familiar.

Looking forward to seeing what they have planned for the sequel though - I just hope they give us a new protagonist!



Dodoo commented on Poll: What Was Your Favourite PlayStation Game...:

Horizon nearly took my vote but not until I know more about the gameplay and the type of game it is.

Honourable mentions got to Metal Gear, Uncharted, Fallout, Hitman, Last Guardian but the game I'm surprisingly most excited about is Ratchet & Clank. I've even surprised myself!



Dodoo commented on E3 2015: Shadow of the Beast May Be PS4's Bloo...:

I'm glad they kept to 2D side-scroller for this and didn't go 3D. Also like the parallax scrolling effect on the backgrounds. When the original came out those effects were mind-blowing and had never been seen before!

Overall it looks ok but where's all the trippy enemies that the game is known for like the bouncing eyeballs etc?!



Dodoo commented on E3 2015: Nintendo Doesn't Have High Hopes for ...:

@get2sammyb Definitely agree that NX will be a hybrid handheld/home console cross-over. I think Nintendo have realised they do not have the resources to support a handheld and an HD console. By consolidating them will eradicate that issue.

I just hope they get some new designers in and make the hardware a bit more classy and less Fisher-Price like the Wii U!



Dodoo commented on Sony: Backward Compatibility Is a Requested F...:

Yeah I get the feeling people like knowing the backwards compatibility feature is there but hardly use it, me included.

If I want to play my 360/PS3 games then I'll play them on my 360/PS3 which leads me to my confusion over MS's idea... If they are trying to get 360 owners to upgrade to Xbone, then they don't really need to do it (for that reason) as they are already a 360 owner!

Personally I agree with Jim Ryan above, I'm invested in the new-gen for the new games and features. I don't care for last-gen anymore, I want the new, not the old!