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Sun 14th Oct 2012

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Dodoo commented on Poll: Are You Happy with the PS4's Current Fir...:

It's mostly good but there's some basic and obvious functionality missing that would make it better imo.

It's funny how when we get the launch of a new console it lags behind in features from the last gen but I suppose these things take time...



Dodoo commented on Talking Point: What's Gone Wrong with PlayStat...:

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi @get2sammyb Agree allowing EA Access on PS4 could set a scary and expensive knock on effect with other publishers adding more services, so like Bad-MA says, it's time they upped the game with PS4 PS+ by dropping Vita and PS3 support for example so they have a higher budget for PS4.

Thing is Sony must be planning something as there seems to be a growing number of unhappy subscribers these days.



Dodoo commented on Soapbox: Why I Trust Sony to Do the Right Thin...:

My only concern is that Sony's "normal" (i.e. not PSVR) game output is going to suffer and decrease because of having another device to support.

I'm happy about PSVR but I still want the same amount of non-VR games. That's one reason I moved to PS from Xbox as that happened when MS went all out with Kinect...



Dodoo commented on Talking Point: What's Gone Wrong with PlayStat...:

"but Sony's options may be limited by the politics surrounding its gigantic install base"

Thing is if Sony can't give away AAA games any more for whatever reason then that's fair enough (or should that be their problem not the paying consumers?), they should allow us the option to subscribe to other services like EA Access where we can get them.

Not giving us retail games AND telling us what we can/can't have is dictation at it's worst...



Dodoo commented on Sony Shuts Down DriveClub Developer Evolution ...:

No friggin' way, I cannot actually believe this...

Bad bad bad move by Sony, I thought they had more class than this.

That's probably the end of Driveclub then as a franchise though who's doing DC VR now?