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Sun 14th October, 2012

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Dodoo commented on October's PlayStation Plus Lineup Is Going to ...:

On one side of the coin this is the worst lineup PS+ has had since I joined 2-3 years ago.

On the flipside I've got so many great games to play on my PS consoles I really am happy to not add more to my growing backlog. Might actually give me more of a chance to dwindle the backlog down a bit in fact!



Dodoo commented on PlayStation Dominates EDGE's Greatest Ever Games:

Mario 64 for me.

I doubt I will ever be blown away quite as much as I was when this came out. The proper first true 3D game, with sublime gameplay, 360 degree camera control etc etc was simply incredible.

Ok so it hasn't aged brilliantly, but the gameplay and music are still amazing. plus it's still the only Mario with proper 360 camera control to this day

I feel sorry that the kids of today won't likely get to experience such a seismic shift in gaming as this.



Dodoo commented on First Impressions: Ratchet & Clank PS4 Is a Pi...:

"Remember when Sony famously said that the PlayStation 2 would be capable of powering Toy Story-esque visuals in realtime?"

lol, at least they don't spurt this kind of crap these days!

Anyway this looks incredible, can't wait. We need more games like this. Would love to see Sly and Jak on PS4 too...



Dodoo commented on London Is Full of Evil Cockneys According to A...:

@sub12 Yeah I agree.

This time last year there was quite a bit of hype for Unity & Far Cry 4, though this year nobody seems bothered about their output.

Maybe this is to do with franchise fatigue. Like you say the Ubisoft game structure of liberating outposts and unlocking the map etc has become stale. It's the same across FC, AC and Watchdogs.

Also they let many people down last year. I liked WD myself but many were disappointed with the game (and the graphics downgrade?), Unity was a buggy mess on release and The Crew didn't cut it. I think last years games may have been the cause of this years lack of hype, at least partly...



Dodoo commented on This Lucky Person Has Already Played Shenmue III:

@JoeBlogs @Bad-MuthaAdebisi Maybe I was wrong and Sony are only helping out with pulishing/promotion rather than funding as I thought.

In that case I'm also now slightly concerned that the budget will be big enough for such a big project. Didn't Shenmue 2 cost $80 million or something? Plus that was on last-gen hardware with lower production costs!

Maybe this will end up being a tie-in game instead with a budget like that? Shenmue party games anyone?!



Dodoo commented on This Lucky Person Has Already Played Shenmue III:

"we're still sceptical of how it's going to come out considering the teensy budget"

I thought Sony were investing in this too financially and that the Kickstarter was not so much about gaining funds and more about testing the water for peoples interest?

If so I'm sure the budget is much larger than whatever the total Kickstarter figure was...



Dodoo commented on Hitman PS4 Whacked Until March 2016:

"We want to make absolutely sure that you all get the best possible experience when you join"

Erm... but that's exactly what they're NOT doing by releasing it episodically! Or have I missed something?



Dodoo commented on Life Is Strange: Episode 5 Weathers the Storm ...:

@Neolit Same.

I've only ever bought episodic games once they have all been released. I don't want to complete part of the game then wait two months to play the next bit. How fecking backwards is that?!

Not only that but my interest is likely to dwindle if I keep taking breaks from a game...



Dodoo commented on Rumour: There Are No Plans for Another Major M...:

Maybe they will sell the Metal Gear IP to another company? One that will be happy to continue using it.

It might even end up being the company that Hideo ends up working for or starts himself?! (Doubt it but we can dream right?!)



Dodoo commented on PS4 Freebie Grow Home Is Ubisoft's Fastest Eve...:

@Neolit lol well said!

I think the floaty controls not only give B.U.D character but also give the game an increase in difficulty too. Without which it might be too easy. Anyway like you said it gets easier the more you upgrade him anyway and the controls even feel normal at that point!

Personally I loved the chilled out gameplay, the uniqueness of it all and the feeling of vertigo you got when climbing!

@Anchorsam_9 Yeah when they do they are awesome. I loved Child of Light and Rayman Origins/Legends too!



Dodoo commented on Reaction: PlayStation's TGS 2015 Presser Picks...:

"waking up at ungodly hours in order to have all of the latest news streamed directly into their eyeballs"

Haha, so true!

Though yesterday was great as I could watch it in bed with a cup of tea at 8am! Nice

On topic - Sony are doing a grand job in my opinion. I almost can't keep up with these announcements and all the games I've got my eye on. Well done to Yoshida and co.

Also as the article says for us westerners wanting Japanese games, the PS4 is the only choice really. X1 doesn't even compete.



Dodoo commented on Talking Point: What Did You Think of Sony's Pr...:

@BrizzoUK Haha yeah I know the feeling of too many games, I'm in the same boat with a big backlog (though not much on Wii U at the mo, can't wait for Xenoblade/Zelda), but it's a good problem to have I suppose!

Anyway, sorry I didn't realise you had the console already. Not sure why I assumed that!?!



Dodoo commented on Talking Point: What Did You Think of Sony's Pr...:

@BrizzoUK Well enjoy it when you do take the plunge!

Also (I presume you're from the UK judging by your name) SimplyGames often do very good prices on PS4 so worth checking them out when the time comes.

Currently the console is only £269! ( - though the black one is out of stock at the moment.)