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Sun 14th October, 2012

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Dodoo commented on Japan's Censored Until Dawn's Most Grisly Scen...:

@Cyber-BLP-- Funny how we all have different "cultures" really, considering they are only different belief systems.

After all the reality is (except maybe cosmetically) that we are all the same, yet separate and differentiate ourselves by geographic areas... Weird.

/deep poop



Dodoo commented on Feature: What Are September 2015's Free PlaySt...:

@Donald_M lol, my mistake!

I think I may have forgotten they were on PS+ as I'd bought them by the time they were on PS+ so probably ignored them and it escaped my mind! Who knows?

Even so it would still be nice for a few more big budget games (preferably that I already haven't got ) to make the cut as at the moment the service could be renamed Indie+



Dodoo commented on Feature: What Are September 2015's Free PlaySt...:

I had my eye on Xeodrifter (reminds of Cave Story), Super Time Force, Grow Home and La Mulana so this is a good month!

As good as this is though, it would still be nice if they added a few big budget games once in a while... I'm surprised Ground Zeroes, Knack or First Light haven't made the cut yet...



Dodoo commented on PS4 Exclusive DriveClub Gearing Up for a Big Year:

Personally I've put this down until the promised difficulty changes have been made as my skillz just aren't up to the latter challenges!

Great game and while it's great they are continuing support for another year, I hope they have started work on something else...



Dodoo commented on Weirdness: Telltale Puts Xbox Button Prompts i...:

Telltale are terrible. I wish they would spend a bit more time and effort getting things right.

The first series of Walking Dead was the most un-optimised, laggy, crappy game I have ever played (on Vita) to the point where it was nearly unplayable...



Dodoo commented on EA Doesn't Think You'd Play a Star Wars Battle...:

"because "data" suggests that "few people" actually play them"

My data suggests that Peter Moore is a muppet. His company should cater for gamers that play SP campaigns so his products appeal to more people, me included. As it stands I doubt I'll buy this for MP only which is a shame as it's Star Wars.

His company forgot to put half the game in Rory McIlroy PGA Tour too. Remember Peter you need to add actual content to your products and SP campaigns are part of that.



Dodoo commented on Community: Final Fantasy VII Voted Push Square...:

Da fuq?!

Sonic but no Mario? The inferior imitator over the originator?

While I appreciate FF7 for being a great game it wouldn't even be in my top 5 I reckon, but hey, the people voted and it is what it is! Though perhaps tellingly this vote is from mostly Sony fans right?



Dodoo commented on Gamescom 2015: We Have Unfinished Business wit...:

@hYdeks what a crock of sh*t. I pass on a lot more Nintendo games these days than I buy.

Also not sure if I agree with @get2sammyb original comment as reviewers, the general media and gamers that did play Tearaway mostly did go potty over the game. You only have to read the reviews and people's comments to see that. I think it's more a case of Sony's audience being less used to Nintendo-type games like this...