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Sun 14th Oct 2012

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Dodoo commented on December's Free PlayStation Plus Games Have Be...:

Without trying to sound negative, this is pretty meh. Think that's about the 3rd month in a row now I probably won't play anything. I've also made the situation worse by selling my PS3 so now have less of a selection too...

Also I definitely don't think Sony should be dictating to us whether EA Access represents "good value for our customers" when you could argue it's better than their own service recently!



Dodoo commented on Which December PlayStation Plus Games Do You D...:

I feel Sony need to pull out a few good games next month as recently the selection has been not so good.

2 years into PS4, I think it's time we started seeing some retail games as the service could be called Indie+ right now...



Dodoo commented on Talking Point: Which PS2 Games Would You Play ...:

I've got waaaaay too many current games to play to be bothering with old ones I've already probably played and likely look horribly dated and/or don't play very well.

Nice for nostalgia, but not for me thanks...



Dodoo commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Build an Elite Dual...:

Would totally depend on how much it cost. I like the look of MS's premium stick but I'd never pay that price for it.

Really I'm happy with the DS4, never had any issues with mine though the battery life obviously sucks.



Dodoo commented on Review: MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore (PS4):

@Glacier928 That's right, I remember now, Black Rock Studios.

Weren't they part of Disney? If so it's a shame they ddn't continue with the IP. I presume sales just weren't good enough otherwise we'd have probably seen a sequel by now. Would look awesome on PS4 too.

I like your description of "SSX of quading" !



Dodoo commented on Review: MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore (PS4):

I really enjoyed Pure last gen and have been looking for something decent like that ever since (why was there never a 'Pure 2'?) but unfortunately this doesn't look like it'll fill that void!



Dodoo commented on Sony Stresses There Are Still First-Party PS V...:

I was thinking of selling my Vita as my game time goes to PS4 and there's no new AAA coming for it.

Might hold off until after XCom but the situation is disappointing when you remember back to how they pitched the device as a portable home console.



Dodoo commented on Surprise! Sony Isn't Working on First-Party Ti...:

I wish one of Sony's studios were working on just a single AAA Vita game. Just one that's all I ask.

I've not bought a game since Killzone & Tearaway in late 2013 (other than indie stuff) and it's a sad state of affairs.

Sony really can't be bothered with it but at the same time can't kill it off in fear of pi**ing us owners off who invested in it in the first place. This is poor Sony, very poor.

@chiptoon lol! Maybe the Vita slogan should just be "not for the players!" heh



Dodoo commented on Review: Assassin's Creed Syndicate (PS4):

@get2sammyb AC2 did a lot of other things better than recent games though Sammy like how you could traverse between towns yourself rather than have to load them up and better set pieces. Remember flying with DaVinci's flying machine or the horse chase down the country path?

Not only that but AC2 had better atmosphere for example the fancy dress party mission etc.

I agree that their open-world template was fresh back then but that's not the only reason why AC2 hasn't been bettered (for many).



Dodoo commented on Review: Assassin's Creed Syndicate (PS4):

I agree with those that are bored of Ubi's open-world template. They've dragged it out for too many games now and here's yet another one.

It really does feel like you're playing the same game with a different lick of paint.



Dodoo commented on Will Bethesda Make a Custom Fallout 4 PS4 Cont...:

@Tasuki Lose his job? I doubt it. He's the head of his department. The President of PR and Marketing. If he decides to comment on something, then that's him effectively saying to the rest of the company "I think now is a good time to talk about this". He's the person who has been entrusted and hired by other execs to lead PR, therefore my point about growing some balls and actually answering the question is quite plausible.