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Sun 14th October, 2012

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Dodoo commented on Sony's Still Bleeding Money, But PS4's in Beas...:

@rjejr "An investment is something that goes up in value"

I think in the instance of buying a console, the investment is payed off from the increase in value gained from new entertaining games and experiences over time, not a financial value...?



Dodoo commented on Yoshida: DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Delayed on...:

@rjejr Is that you Iwata?

I think Sony should do the honourable thing and give the whole game away for the PS+ version and give refunds to those that bought it. It will be a big loss but at least will return some faith into gamers that are losing it with Sony right now... This especially should happen when you consider the joke that PSN has been recently...



Dodoo commented on Oh Dear, Assassin's Creed Unity Is Going to Me...:

Oh dear... With the modern day sections you lose all the immersion you had with the historical setting. Why on earth Ubi feel they have to add these pointless parts is beyond me and now they seem to be taking it to the next level!

No doubt the final boss in Unity is set on the moon, fighting robots with laser guns?! Wouldn't be surprised at this rate...

@SuperSilverback +1



Dodoo commented on Wait, Did Sony Just Accidentally Reveal the Un...:

I was a 360 gamer last gen but about a year ago, 4 months before getting my PS4, I sold my 360 to buy a PS3 so I could play Uncharted, Journey, TLOU and other Sony games I'd missed out on.

Now most of these games are being remade for the PS4 I'm a little annoyed as I went through all that hassle to play what will likely be the inferior versions of those games! Arse.

As I played them so recently I doubt I'll be interested in replaying them so soon either. Oh well, c'est la vie!



Dodoo commented on PS4's Free DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Has Been...:

Such a shame this has been a total train-wreck. I was really looking forward to it as I haven't played a racing game (MK8 excluded!) since Forza 3 a few years ago and am ready for it...

The worst part for me is that Project Cars has been delayed and The Crew looks poor so there's no alternative. No doubt GT7 won't come out till 2018 or something!



Dodoo commented on Round Up: Your Ultimate Guide to PS4 Firmware ...:

I've actually rated it poor, at least for now.

My home page seems to be broken and buggy. A couple of times now all the content doesn't load below the main tiles (such as the 'what's new' content or the info on a game).

Also sometimes if it does load the cursor isn't visible and I can't get back to the main area. None of the buttons do anything.

I like the new features but so far the 2.0 update has buggered my PS4...



Dodoo commented on These Are the Things You'll Be Able to Do in G...:

I'm totally double-dipping on this. I don't have my PS3 copy any more though so I hope I still get these extras. Also I don't want to keep my old save file. I'd rather just play through it again from the start so we'll see!



Dodoo commented on Talking Point: How Does Sony Solve a Problem L...:

Wowzers! Another MS price cut? How many has that been already, I've lost count?

I'm not sure if Sony should follow suit but they should certainly keep a close eye on if the Xbone picks up and be ready to react with their own price cut if needed... Right now though I don't think they need price cut of their own...



Dodoo commented on Talking Point: Do You Ever Stump Up for Season...:

Have never coughed up for a season pass. Was interested in the FC4 one until I saw the price so I'll give that a miss too unless I see it in a sale sometime...

Generally I don't think the consumer gets a very good deal with season passes. Paying 50% of the game price again for a few extra missions, a skin and a gun or something seems like bad business and value for me to get involved.



Dodoo commented on Could Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas HD Be on t...:

My favourite was always Vice City. The music, motorbikes and Miami backdrop were superb, so was the character and mafia connections. Though now GTA5 probably takes the best GTA crown for me...

In SA I wasn't too keen on the new extra stuff they put into it like the gym for building stamina etc...



Dodoo commented on Get Set for Valley of the Yetis in Far Cry 4's...:

@get2sammyb Just checked my pre-order with Amazon and it's not the Hurk missions and harpoon gun as I suspected but a "Blood Ruby" mission and silenced pistol...

"receive the exclusive Blood Ruby Pack, including one exclusive single-player mission, "Blood Ruby", and one new weapon, the 1911 Pistol."

So there you have it. Games these days are officially chopped up into pieces and if you want to play all the content you have to jump through hoops to do so, even though you still pay full price for entry! Arse...



Dodoo commented on Review: The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Ser...:

@rastamadeus Mine was unplayable on countless occasions across all 5 episodes of the first season.

There are lots of cases similar to mine and many accounts of the game being buggy/badly coded/not optimised etc across the web. There was quite a few treads on the Telltale forums regarding this and also one dedicated to Vita...

If you had no problems then good for you!



Dodoo commented on Review: The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Ser...:

@hadlee73 Yeah it's a bad advertisement for the developers if you ask me.

I mean it's not the most graphically demanding game ever created yet it runs like a dog on all platforms - most of which are much more capable than required for this game. Some devs can get graphically demanding games with a gazillion polygons running at 1080p + 60fps on PS4 so there's no excuse other than laziness or lack of developer skill for this to run badly on PS4.

It was so bad on Vita it nearly made me quit the game as my inputs were not being detected by the game in time meaning I would die when I shouldn't have. Not only that but a bug which didn't carry on my decisions from episode to episode which is quite a big deal considering the game is largely based the decisions you make...

Come on Telltale, you've made a lot of sales from this game, the least you should do in return is to mend the damn thing.



Dodoo commented on Feature: What's New in PS4 Firmware Update 2.00?:

@BiancaIrisa I'm not asking "for stuff that has been there from moths"

Thanks for your input but what you suggested only removes Trophy's from other peoples views like your friends. I want to be able to hide those same games on MY list of Trophy's from my view...



Dodoo commented on Feature: What's New in PS4 Firmware Update 2.00?:

I would like the ability to connect to PSN please and also stay connected! ;)

On a more serious note, themes will be nice but I'd also like the ability to hide games in my Trophy list which have less than 5% completion. These annoy me and are likely from free games I got with PS+ and didn't like, so didn't continue playing etc... instead it makes me look sh*t at the game! Obvisously that's never the case!! ;)