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Sun 14th Oct 2012

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Dodoo commented on Yep, No Man's Sky Has Been Delayed Again on PS4:

Who cares? It's not like we've not waited ages already and there's nothing else to play. There's sh*t loads right now on PS4. The total opposite to my poor Nintendo consoles in fact sitting their with an inch of dust on.

Better they release it later than early as a buggy mess...



Dodoo commented on Poll: Are You Enjoying Overwatch on PS4?:

Looks good but my lack of game time means I don't really play anything that doesn't have an end to it, i.e online. Don't even have time to clear my SP backlog let alone chuck in 100 hours to some PvP.



Dodoo commented on GameStop's Anticipating New Console Reveals at...:

@get2sammyb You're probably right.

What is a little worrying about your example is if Sony are first to market a year before MS, then you can bet your bottom dollar that MS will make sure their new Xbox will be more powerful than Sony's.

I hope that doesn't have a knock on effect and make Sony react again as otherwise we may be on yearly updates to our consoles like smartphones!

Why do MS and Sony feel the need to mess with the console cycle that has worked for decades all of a sudden? In fact they used to try their hardest to squeeze 10 years out of each console. They could in fact be the cause of consoles dying out if they keep this up.



Dodoo commented on GameStop's Anticipating New Console Reveals at...:

I don't like this mid-life hardware update and can't help but think Sony is reacting to MS simply as MS can't stand having a weaker console to Sony and Sony can't be left behind. (Even though teh cloud and DX12 were supposed to save X1?!)

Having said that I'd love a new Dualshock 4 controller with a battery that lasted more than ten feckin' minutes. PS4's biggest weak point imo.



Dodoo commented on Ghost Recon Wildlands Returns a Year Later, As...:

Ubisoft trailers are so predictable. They need to get better scripts. This is so cheesy and generic, "we are judges, we are ghosts blah blah blah"

I hardly pre-order games as it is but definitely not one without a release date.



Dodoo commented on Podcast: Episode 7 - What Can Sony Do to Top E...:

Time to stop thinking about how Sony can "beat" E3 2015 and just concentrate on this years content eh?

Otherwise people are just setting themselves up for likely disappointment. Last year was great but it's over. Move on!



Dodoo commented on Review: Shadow of the Beast (PS4):

@stylon @Neolit @JoeBlogs Yeah it does seem harsh. I'm sure Polygon just add some controversial reviews occasionally just for site clicks...

Thing is they just make themselves look like untrustworthy fools as their review is miles out from everyone else's.

Having said that, I hope I don't agree with them once I've played it, lol!

[stylon, wasn't zzap a sinclair spectrum mag? Now that is old!]



Dodoo commented on Poll: Are You Enjoying Uncharted 4 on PS4?:

I've just done the gaming part with Elena which made me grin like a cheshire cat! Very cool.

Enjoying the slow early pace so far. Incredible graphics. Well done Naughty Dog yet again...



Dodoo commented on Site News: Uncharted 2 Is PlayStation's Greate...:

@DESS-M-8 I get what you're saying and agree "researching and developing how to push the industry forward should be the corner stone of any console manufacturer" but unfortunately we now live in a world where products are rushed to market, often unfinished or unsuitable for purpose and "fixed" or improved post-release.



Dodoo commented on Site News: Uncharted 2 Is PlayStation's Greate...:

@DESS-M-8 "They should have looked to a 2016/2017 release to include 4K and VR. Not a halfway measure as a money maker till they could be bothered making a true successor to PS3."

I think you're forgetting the point that they need to react to the competition and not get left behind.

Can you imagine the market if X1 came out and Sony stuck with the PS3?! They would literally be handing the competition the win...