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Sun 14th Oct 2012

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Dodoo commented on Wii U Exclusive LEGO City Undercover Earns Its...:

"With so many LEGO games already in the channel, though, we're finding it hard to muster much excitement for this overdue arrival"

This is quite different to your typical film tie-in Lego game though...



Dodoo commented on Ubisoft Hopes Watch Dogs 2 Has a Long Sales Tail:

I think they look at GTA 5 being in the top 10 for 100 years (ok a slight exaggeration) and want a piece of that long-tail pie. They even create a game which is basically the same to do it!

It's a fun game though and clearly a lot of hard work went into it so I hope it does sell well...



Dodoo commented on Review: Watch Dogs 2 (PS4):

I've not been as impressed it seems as most reviewers as far as the graphics are concerned. There are some nice bits but also lots of parts with poor textures etc. Maybe I was expecting too much or have been spoilt by other games recently...?

Good game though!



Dodoo commented on Preorder: Snare the Hottest PS4 Games, Hardwar...:

@ekreig Anything you buy through Amazon after clicking their affiliate link they will get commission for within a certain timeframe which I think is valid for 24 hours.

So yes they will get paid even if you just buy some condoms and a lawnmower!

[Side note to staff - I love this site, its been my no.1 PS go-to site for many years but there seems to be more of an emphasis on just selling me stuff in every other post rather than a focus on what your visitors are here for - actual PS news. Obviously it's up to you what you do but for me I find myself going elsewhere these days as much news is missed on this site and that can't represent a good trend for you if others are doing the same?]