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Sun 14th October, 2012

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Dodoo commented on Ubisoft Sticks a Hidden Blade in the Latest As...:

"Rigorous quality control is of paramount importance to us"

It didn't seem it was important on release day a month ago.

In fact it looked like quality control came a distant second to getting the game out there asap to cash in on the looming thanksgiving shopping season no matter what state the game was in...



Dodoo commented on Feature: The Ten Best PS4 Trailers at PlayStat...:

@rastamadeus Yeah you're right. There would need to be enough new content for people ro double-dip. I believe MM said there would be about 40% new content, which is enough for me.

I really meant though that I hope a lot of new players try it out on PS4 as many people haven't played it at all yet....



Dodoo commented on November NPD: PS4 Loses to Xbox One for the Fi...:

Like I said last month, I was surprised that Sony let MS take the lead. MS were very aggressive and Sony just rested on their laurels.

However (quoting the supremely reliable VGChartz) Sony outsold MS globally for November so really that's what matters most...



Dodoo commented on It's Good to Have PlayStation Veteran David Ja...:

Can't say I have any interest in this myself. Don't really like the art style, setting or the fact that it's a 4 player shooter but I'm sure it will appeal to many others.

Mr Jaffe shouldn't be so sensitive to the fact that his game won't appeal to everyone...



Dodoo commented on DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Is the 'Next Step',...:

"so that we see it less in the future.”

Er... don't you mean not at all in the future Fergal?!

@KratosMD - Yeah I hope when the PS+ edition is released, those of us that have paid for it won't have to put up with poor performance again. Maybe they will have the PS+ version running on their own servers? Hope so...



Dodoo commented on Street Fighter's Natural Home Is on PlayStatio...:

Obviously its natural home is in the arcade, but yeah I'd definitely agree on console most would think SNES.

I remember getting the SNES Streetfighter pack (actually didn't Nintendo call them paks?) for Christmas and I was blown away that you could have arcade quality graphics at home.

Good times :)



Dodoo commented on Yes, Lara Croft Will Likely Still Climb onto P...:

The way MS worded this was crafty. Personally I think it's obvious this will come to PS4.

Just think how much money it would cost MS to have complete exclusivity of this. 15 million PS4 owners and counting is a massive market. If this comes out to PS4 say early 2016 that install base could easily be 30-40 million. That's a lot of potential sales that Squenix wouldn't want to miss out on. They're not stupid either. They would either ask MS to cough up that lost revenue or release it on PS4 at a later date. Considering it's not exactly CoD or Mario, I doubt even money-bags MS would bother with that.

Imo Square have taken a nice lump sum up front for 2015 exclusivity (probably in reality about 3 months if the game releases Oct) and will make up lost sales when that deal expires early 2016.

My call is PS4 January to March 2016. Watch this space...



Dodoo commented on What Could EA's Special The Game Awards Announ...:

@rjejr Haha, yeah EA's "unprecedented partnership" wasn't too inspiring was it!? I think at the time EA were trying to get the Origin network onto Wii U and Nintendo wanted none of it, hence the speedy ending of the special relationship. Of course that's pure speculation on my part however.



Dodoo commented on Review: Driver (PSone):

@AhabSpampurse - Saw things... saw things... clearer... clearer... once you... were in my... rearview mirror! [Great tune!]

Also, on topic... Were the graphics really this bad? Wow



Dodoo commented on Watch PlayStation's Iconic Controller Evolve i...:

Let's not forget the original Dualshock and it's successors were all inspired by Nintendo's controller innovations in the first place.

D-Pad, analogue sticks, shoulder buttons, start, select etc etc...



Dodoo commented on These Are Your PS4, PS3, and Vita Black Friday...:

Anyone know why I can't buy Bad Blood on PSN? It just says "Not available for purchase"?

Sony literally don't want my money?!

Edit: I clicked on the "Tell me more" link and it said I can't buy the Bad Blood DLC as I don't own the Season Pass?! Wtf? Sony need to sort their sh*t out. I just get problem after problem with their network... :(

@Mrskinner - I agree, Tesco is poor. No wonder their profits a dropping through the floor!



Dodoo commented on Assassin's Creed: Rogue's Price Plunges as Par...:

"There’s still no sign of any PlayStation hardware savings"

I'm surprised by this. There have been loads of X1 bundles which have rocketed the console above PS4 in the best seller list. I hope Sony don't get complacent off their success again...



Dodoo commented on Big Blockbusters Sell Best on the PlayStation ...:

@get2sammyb I appreciate and agree with your points if you are looking at it from the perspective of Sony's business alone but your talking about what they have achieved in the past, I'm talking about what they should do in the present and the short-term future.

I just think they should be careful not to rest on their laurels as they have done in the past and have an opportunity to take the wind out of MS's sails by being a bit more aggressive.

Of course, like you said, PS4 is selling well regardless and they've obviously decided not much action needs to be taken. Though as a wise man once said "'like' actions produce 'like' results" and if their recent financial performance is anything to go by, maybe they should consider changing their actions to get better results? (i.e. return the company to profitability).



Dodoo commented on Big Blockbusters Sell Best on the PlayStation ...:

That's good but I feel Sony are being too relaxed, especially in the US. MS are pushing hard and doing well. Sony hardly even have any bundles (though I know they do in Europe).

If they want to keep a similar ratio of software sales like FC4 and GTA for future releases, then I think Sony need to remain competitive with hardware by also lowering their prices. Even if only "temporary" for the holidays...



Dodoo commented on Review: Far Cry 4 (PlayStation 4):

@Savino I agree the moon light through the tree leaves looks nice. So does the morning mist on the hills! I wasn't expecting it to look this nice tbh, especially considering it's Ubisoft!