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Sun 14th Oct 2012

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Dodoo commented on Nope, There Won't Be a New Assassin's Creed Ga...:

It's cool AC is having a break but I fear Ubi have realised this was needed too late. People are burnt out on this franchise, me included.

It should take a number of years out imo and then come back with a new structure and game mechanics.



Dodoo commented on Watch Dogs 2 Will Don Its Iconic Cap by April ...:

I actually quite enjoyed WD despite Aiden Pearce being possibly the worst character in any game ever. What an un-likeable, hypocritical moron. I hope he's been replaced for the sequel or had a drastic personality change if not!



Dodoo commented on Campo Santo Trying to Put Out Firewatch PS4 Pe...:

@Worlock_ed Wow that seems hard to believe seeing as it's not even a physical release but a digital one. I could understand it it if was the former.

Is that dev effectively saying they don't have the finished coded release themselves prior to releasing it? That can't be possible seeing as it's them that made the game! Could be a case of one developer trying to back up another...



Dodoo commented on Campo Santo Trying to Put Out Firewatch PS4 Pe...:

@Shellcore I agree. Testing on a retail PS4 seems like such an obvious thing to try out, seeing as, you know, EVERY SINGLE COPY will be played on one!

I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard for devs to get hold a retail PS4 either. They probably all have one.

Anyway, I downloaded the game but think I'll wait for some patches before playing it...



Dodoo commented on Review: LEGO Marvel's Avengers (PS4):

Wow how many Lego games has there been now? I've lost count!

Not played one since Star Wars Lego on the Gamecube but they still all look like the same game, albeit with a different franchise bolted on...



Dodoo commented on Finally, We Can Compare PS4 and Xbox One Sales:

I also have no allegiance to either brand having owned the first 2 xbox's, however I will say that MS's business practices during the launch of the Xbone seriously fecked me off to the point I am kind of happy they are being put in place by Sony!

Heh, karma doing its thing!



Dodoo commented on Titanfall 2 to Take the PS4 by Storm Prior to ...:

The first game was an example of Microsoft doing what they do best - good PR building hype.

In fact they are the best company I know at making p00p sound much better than it actually is. Kudos to them but I don't listen to their stuff anymore.

Language -Tasuki-



Dodoo commented on Review: Baseball Riot (PS4):

"take them from the rear [Hm? – Ed] and Fielders have a glove on one hand which they use to catch your balls if you're not careful [Hm! – Ed]"

Oh the innuendo! Nice review!



Dodoo commented on Hideo Kojima's PlayStation World Tour Arrives ...:

D'oh, I'm gutted for you!

Having said that it could be quite awkward if he doesn't really speak English and (I presume) you don't speak Japanese.

You might have both just stood there making funny hand gestures to each other! lol



Dodoo commented on PS4 Exclusive DriveClub Ups the Ante with Hard...:

Wow I'm still sh*t using easy mode and assists so doubt I'll try this!

I get the feeling that the devs at Evolution are all pro-racer gamers and don't find their game too difficult, hence the high difficulty they released the game with?



Dodoo commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I'm about 35 hours into Witcher 3 now and after a shaky start am really getting into it! Was a slow burner for me at the beginning but now am struggling to turn it off!

Also got Bloodborne: The Old Hunters and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture on the PSN sale, but doubt I'll get round to them anytime soon...