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Sun 14th October, 2012

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Dodoo commented on Review: Far Cry 4 (PlayStation 4):

@Savino I agree the moon light through the tree leaves looks nice. So does the morning mist on the hills! I wasn't expecting it to look this nice tbh, especially considering it's Ubisoft!



Dodoo commented on Review: Far Cry 4 (PlayStation 4):

Shame the campaign seems quite short as far as number of missions is concerned. Just doing the intro and prologue I think I was 5 missions in! 8 once you've liberated your first outpost. Feels like quarter of the game is done before you've even started!

It looks to me like Ubi has chopped content from this to sell as part of the season pass which wouldn't surprise me if true... Good game though :)



Dodoo commented on What Does PS4 Racer DriveClub's v1.07 Patch Do?:

@Diddy_kong If you get a PS4 in 2015 then it'll probably be the best time to get this as it should be a lot cheaper by then and not to mention functioning 100% as it should!

I'm not a massive online gamer either but the club aspect and online functions I have played are nice addition, though they're not intrusive...



Dodoo commented on What Does PS4 Racer DriveClub's v1.07 Patch Do?:

@get2sammyb Same. Love the game overall, just those few annoyances let it down slightly.

I actually hope the issues that has plagued the game won't put Sony/Evolution off turning this into a full franchise as I think it has the potential to be a Forza-beater...!



Dodoo commented on What Does PS4 Racer DriveClub's v1.07 Patch Do?:

"There are also changes to the collision and corner cutting penalties"

This is music to my ears as long as the changes are in favour of being more forgiving and not penalising me more!

I found the collision penalty in particular quite annoying and the computer AI controlled cars never seemed to get penalised for hitting me! Just the other way round!

The fact that I was off the course or slowed down as I'd hit a barrier was a penalty enough in my book, so why the game thought it was necessary to penalise me more was a bit confusing and annoying... The games hard enough as it is without being penalised every 10 seconds!

Maybe I'm just a bad driver...



Dodoo commented on October NPD: PS4 Starts to Get Comfortable at ...:

@Punished_Boss_84 I think they will in the US but obviously not worldwide.

297k vs 154k in the first week is a decent lead, even if only mildly accurate (though don't forget it could be inaccurate in that MS has an even greater lead!).

The X1 has been ahead of PS4 for a while now in the US Amazon best sellers list which is a good indicator considering the retailers size...



Dodoo commented on October NPD: PS4 Starts to Get Comfortable at ...:

I don't really understand what Sony are playing at in the US. They seem to be rolling over for November without a fight.

Early stats from VGChartz (yes I know they are not 100% accurate but they offer a good indication of performance) shows XB1 @ 297k in the US for the first week of November with PS4 @ 154k.

Sony in the US seem a bit complacent to me, they should follow Europe and prepare loads of bundles and have a price-cut of their own. Even if it's only "temporary" like MS....

It's a bit baffling tbh. I think the PS Experience in December could be a good catalyst for boosting sales next month though...



Dodoo commented on Review: Assassin's Creed Unity (PlayStation 4):

It seems Ubisoft are biting off more they can chew with their projects these days. Games getting delayed and still not being up to par. They are obviously confident FC4 is good though seeing as the review embargo is lifted tomorrow - 4 days before release. The embargo for Unity happened 12 hours after release which says it all really...

I'm keeping my copy of Unity sealed when it arrives to wait and see if the bugs get fixed. If they don't after a few weeks then I'll send it back for a refund. It'll be a shame if that's the case but I don't want to play a frustrating mess for £40 when there's loads of other good stuff out there...



Dodoo commented on Ubisoft's Aware That Arno Can Fall Through the...:

"it’s busy investigating framerate issues"

Surely Ubisoft knew there were framerate issues before it released? I mean they developed the game, everybody has the issue and they are "investigating" this issue as though they knew nothing of it? BS

My copy is in the post as we speak and I'm half tempted to send it back for a refund.... Hmmm....



Dodoo commented on Talking Point: Is This Gaming's Most Disappoin...:

There have been disappointments but let's face it, there is every year.

Personally I think it's been a decent year overall and would have been even better if many of the originally planned 2014 releases were not pushed back to 2015 (Batman, Project Cars etc).

I do agree though that publishers have been caught off-guard at how popular PS4/X1 have been at retail. I mean look at EA, their release schedule is proof of that.



Dodoo commented on Feature: Four of Assassin's Creed Unity's Most...:

Surely the devs could have just limited the number of NPC's etc a little bit to improve the framerate? I mean I'd much rather have only 2500 NPC's on screen if it means a solid 30 fps rather than 10000 NPC's for sub 20 fps...

Ubi seem to be going down hill quickly. It seems they don't have the manpower to create the games they desire... Maybe they need to start hiring!



Dodoo commented on Video: How's the Latest Beta for The Crew Fari...:

I was playing the beta and quite enjoying it, though after about an hour I got to the menu area, the voice-over told me about how to upgrade my car blah blah, but then I couldn't work out how to continue in the damn game so I turned it off! Don't know if that was either me being stupid, bad game design or a glitch...?



Dodoo commented on Feature: What's the Status of DriveClub on PS4...:

I took the plunge and bought a copy as it was only £29.99 from simplygames and I have to say I'm glad I did...

I'm sure over time the online features will be sorted but in the mean time I'm having a blast playing through the SP events. Great handling and graphics. It looks like Sony have answered my call for a PGR/Forza replacement.

I for one am hoping Sony build on this and turn this into a franchise for the future (with working online of course!)



Dodoo commented on Here's Everything You Could Want to Know About...:

I reckon this'll be the best one since AC2.

I liked Black Flag as a game but it felt to me like they tacked the franchise onto a pirate game and it didn't feel like a true AC title for me. This on the other hand looks perfect! (except for the dodgy time travel stuff)



Dodoo commented on Rumour: Is DriveClub's DLC Blazing a Trail to ...:

@Ginkgo Hmmm, that sounds bad, very frustrating and off-putting.

It sounds similar to the blue shells in Mario Kart where you get penalised if you race too well! Get too far ahead of the pack and you'll likely get bombarded by the cheating AI with blue shells on the last lap... It totally ruins the experience for me...