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Sun 14th Oct 2012

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Dodoo commented on Video: We Unboxed a Brand New PocketStation:

@get2sammyb "this scatter-brained scribe"

You like using the term "scribe" to describe you in your profession eh Sammy?!

Gives me an image of you sitting in Push Square Towers wearing Victorian gowns, scribbling about PS4 with a feather quill in calligraphy!



Dodoo commented on Feature: The Best Games on PS4 - Summer 2016 E...:

@ShogunRok lol, why are you still here, thought you'd been banned! heh

@get2sammyb now PS4 is older and has more games maybe this list could be top 25 next time to keep more people happy knowing their game is on the list? Namely me and Until Dawn! In fact if you made it top 50 probably hardly anyone would complain! lol



Dodoo commented on Feature: The Best Games on PS4 - Summer 2016 E...:

Personally I'd swap MGS for Until Dawn...

My vote went to Ratchet just because I didn't think it would get any votes but to my surprise it had 3 others as well as mine (out of 49 at the time). Good taste you three, whoever you are!



Dodoo commented on Poll: Will You Pay Full Price for Rise of the ...:

I rarely pay full price for a game and won't for this either. I've got loads to play in my backlog can happily wait for a price drop...

I think from Square's point of view, they took a big payment from MS up front and now can't expect to charge full price for a year old game that has dropped in price on X1. You can't have all the cake and eat it and the market determines the price not them.



Dodoo commented on Big PS4 Games are Going for Small Prices in We...:

As usual the "small" prices are still bigger than i can mostly get at retail so digital misses my money as usual.

I hate that we a pay for convenience with digital rather than the discounted rate that we should get due to lower costs etc...



Dodoo commented on Talking Point: Is Sony Scared of Xbox's Scorpio?:

One thing I think is pretty obvious is that MS have absolutely hated being "underpowered" this gen against PS4 and want that to change.

After failing on their Dirext X and Cloud promises, I wouldn't be surprised if their next response is to bring out a very powerful machine to "beat" whatever Sony have...



Dodoo commented on Ubisoft Solves a Mystery That's Bugged Mankind...:

@Kidfried Agreed, well said.

I think it's just "cool" to hate on these companies sometimes, when the reality is they do a lot of things right.

Put it this way, I'd much rather they were around than not and I'm sure most people would agree if they answered honestly.

If you're reading this Ubisoft, can we have a Child of Light sequel please!?



Dodoo commented on Poll: Are You Still Excited for No Man's Sky o...:

@LieutenantFatman True, we work in mysterious ways!

Last Guardian is a good example and I suppose if I'd been looking forward to it for that long my interest may have decreased too.

Having said that I've been waiting patiently for the next Red Dead and my interest is only going up as time goes by. Maybe that's because I keep expecting it actually being announced some time soon?!



Dodoo commented on Poll: Are You Still Excited for No Man's Sky o...:

I don't understand why delays would hamper anyone's excitement for a game.

The game remains the same as it did when you were excited for it, in fact over time it's probably getting better, so why lose interest just because you have to wait for it longer?! Find that weird...